‘Britain’s most feckless father’ is celebrating the birth of his FIFTEENTH child before the age of THIRTY

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Jobless Keith MacDonald, 29, has sired his kids with at least ten mothers – and has cost the taxpayer over #2million in benefits. MacDonald, who has also appeared on Jeremy Kyle, reckons he gets most of his women by chatting them up on the bus around his home of Sunderland.

Girl with Down Syndrome denied access to rides at Blackpool Pleasure Beach as it’s “not for the disabled”

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Furious Emma Patrick was told Blackpool Pleasure Beach was “not for the disabled” as she tried to enjoy a family day out with three-year-old Lucy, who is in a special chair. She said staff told the youngster, “if you can’t walk, you can’t ride” as they tried to board children’s rides such as the teacups and carousel.

Young cystic fibrosis sufferer who planned his own funeral having been told he would not see his 21st birthday celebrating after receiving last minute double lung transplant

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Doctors told brave Levi Haines his cystic fibrosis would kill him before his 21st birthday unless donor organs were found. Levi’s family even requested an advance copy of the new Star Wars movie as he was not expected to survive to watch it at the cinema.

Horserider is believed to have committed suicide the day after her beloved horse Jake was put to sleep

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Horse lover Stephanie Lees was besotted with mare Jake who had been lame for a few months, and resorted to taking her own life after he had to be put down. The equestrian had owned Jake for ten years and become even more attached to him when her other horse, Elliot, died three years earlier.

Doctors have been left baffled by a four year old girl who has refused to eat anything other than YOGHURT for her entire life

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Little Emilie-Lea Hayward munches through an incredible 30 pots every day and will only eat the raspberry and strawberry flavour. She refuses to eat any solid food and becomes hysterical every time mum Naomi, 32, offers her anything other than yogurt.

Little Abbi Jillians has a new pink hand thanks to 3D printer

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Little Abbi Jillians was born with just a thumb on her left hand which has stopped her doing things other young girls take for granted. But after receiving the pioneering technology hot off the printer last week, thrilled Abbi went straight for her favourite Barbie doll – and was finally able to brush her hair.

How to reduce the risk of a car accident

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It’s hard to imagine life these days without cars. Simply getting to and from work, doing the school run and taking trips to the shops can be nigh on impossible without our trusty vehicles to get us from A to B. However, using the roads can be risky. Highlighting this fact, figures from the Road…

Lily Loraley opens second online shop Song of Jewellery

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The retailer made the announcement following the success of it’s first site Playa Payaya which features boho-chic clothing, jewellery and accessories.

Heartbreaking pictures show how quickly meningitis took hold of brave toddler who’s lost all four limbs.

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This heartbreaking set of images show just how quickly meningitis took hold of a toddler who has lost all her limbs to the disease. Brave Harmonie-Rose Allen was struck down by the killer bug last September when she was nine months old – just ten days after taking her first faltering steps.

Luxury ski specialist launches Ski-Tox mountain health retreat

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Fresh from the inevitable excesses of the usual ski holiday – an overindulgence in the plentiful food and drink, long and exhausting days on the slopes and nowhere near enough sleep – Kaluma clients seemed to crave something a little different.

Are luxury cars safe?

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Along with performance and efficiency, vehicle safety is now high on the list of requirements for prospective buyers. In response to this demand, luxury car manufacturers are steadily introducing new examples of vehicle safety technology to give drivers the greatest possible levels of safety for their every journey.

Travel experiences are still better shared in person, claim researchers

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The study by CityBase Apartments questioned 1,000 people about how they like to communicate their adventures after trips. And despite the rise in recent years of social networks and online review sites, the majority of travellers said they shared their experiences face to face with friends, family and collegaues.

More than HALF of lawyers wish they’d chosen a different job

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The majority of legal professionals say they entered the profession in the hope of earning high salaries, early retirement, or simply for the cachet of calling themselves a ‘lawyer’.

Are your marketing efforts stuck in the past?

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When talking about marketing, we need to stop separating online and offline efforts, when they’re all aiming for the same goals. Sure, you’ll have strengths and weaknesses in every member of the team.

Barbara Windsor: A lifetime of entertainment

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Barbara, or Babs as she is fondly referred to by her fans, decided that acting was the career for her after she was taken backstage at a theatre by her grandmother.

Apprentice reject launches her own site selling BROKEN goods

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Maggie Brown, 30, had auditioned for the hit BBC show several times but never had the chance to impress Sir Alan Sugar.

First look at Britain’s most expensive legal traveller’s site – a £1.7million facility on green belt in Bath which has sound proof walls to keep the noise out.

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These are the first pictures inside Britain’s most expensive legal travellers’ site which cost a staggering £1.6 MILLION – to permanently house just EIGHT families. The site is built on greenbelt land at a cost of £123,000 per pitch and is surrounded by soundproof fencing to keep out the noise of a nearby road.