Korean cosmetic surgery: So drastic it changes people beyond recognition

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Many need a certificate after to prove their identity.

A husband and wife married for 60 years who died within just days of each are to be buried together in a DOUBLE COFFIN – holding hands

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Devoted Victor and Elsie Bower were teenage sweethearts who would cry when they had to spend time apart over their six decades of marriage. The husband and wife passed away just nine days apart when Elsie, aged 80, died of a broken heart on February 17 after her beloved husband Victor, 82, died from blood cancer.

Police apologise for LOSING old records on care home sex fiend who went on to RAPE three women

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Police have apologised for LOSING crime records of a triple rapist which could have stopped him at least five years before his horrific attacks at a care home. Vile Colin Stokes, 49, was jailed for 14 years for raping three women with learning difficulties at the home where he worked. A safeguarding review of the…

Son tells of horror at discovering his late mum had been swindled out of her £100K life-savings by postal scammers

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Vicki Westwood, 81, was deluged with an average of 100 letters a week for SIX YEARS along with dozens of phone calls from fraudsters claiming she had won a cash prize. The vulnerable widow was persuaded to send money, supposedly for administrative fees, to dozens of fake companies with the promise she would receive her reward.

Homeowner shows there is cash in the attic by selling his loft space for £130,000

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The space was in a two-storey detached property in exclusive Kensington, London, that had previously been converted into flats. It has remained empty and while planning permission to convert it into a one-bedroom flat was awarded in 2009, this has now lapsed.

Brighton FC staying poker faced despite dip in form

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This is a lesson Brighton & Hove Albion manager Chris Hughton has had to learn this season. After taking over from Sammy Hyypia in December 2014, Hughton inherited a team in turmoil.

Hero soldier who lost his leg in Afghanistan has transformed himself into a competitive BODYBUILDER

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Hero soldier Mark Smith, 30, was lucky to survive after being shot twice and had to have his entire right leg amputated after the bullet severed his femoral artery. But the former Grenadier Guard – who was fitted with a metal prosthetic limb – wanted to be a role model to his sons and took up weight lifting.

Eighteen stone fitness instructor helps others shed unwanted pounds with plus-size aerobics classes

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Charlotte Clarke, 38, once weighed more than 23st.

New £440,000,000 super hospital issues patients with HANDBELLS to attract attention – including 84-year-old who cannot pick it up

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The state-of-the-art unit opened in May but 23 clinical rooms – used when there is a lack of other beds – are still without a proper electronic patient alert system. Patients have been issued with metal handbells to attract attention, including dementia patient Molly Goddard, 84, who was rushed to hospital after breaking her hip.

Boy, 7, tipped as next Rory McIlroy…. despite being allergic to the SUN

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Cute Ben Brown is hot stuff on the fairways and greens – despite suffering from solar urticaria that only allows him to play for short periods of time in direct sunlight. The rare condition means exposure to ultraviolet, UV radiation or sometimes even visible light can induce a case of rash or hives.

Landlandy seeks little girl who dropped heart-breaking letter to her dead father.

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The heart-rending note was written by a child called Summer but there are no other clues to who she is, or who her father was. It was discovered outside the Prince of Wales Pub on Ham Hill, Somerset and handed to landlady Nicki Holroyd who has started a social media campaign to find the youngster.

Mass search for missing teen Becky Watts as friend reveals last text sent nine minutes before she vanished

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Courtney Bicker sent a regular greeting to the 16-year-old – who read the message but did not reply – last Thursday morning. Becky was last seen just minutes later and left home with no spare clothes, make up, purse or phone charger.

Flag enthusiast apologises after flying Nazi SWASTIKA outside his home – claiming he had no idea what it was

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Martin Baker, 54, hoisted the red and black Waffen SS flag on his flagpole on Friday and sparked instant outrage on social media. But the grandad-of-two, who has more than 100 flags in his collection, insisted he had not recognised one of the most hated of all symbols.

Boxing fan mysteriously disappears after going to watch bout in Monaco

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Michael Graydon, 29, jetted out to the tax haven to watch a high profile fight with his close friend, Adrian O’Connor. But Michael has not been seen since the pair were involved in a row on Friday evening before they were separated.

Abandoned dog found crying at Eastbourne Railway Station has been rehomed – with his ORIGINAL family

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There was outrage yesterday (Tues) after an abandoned dog found ‘weeping’ outside a train station was returned to his owners. The Staffie-type dog, nicknamed Gazza, was left outside Eastbourne Railway Station by a man who got in a taxi and left. Investigators had seven days to find the owners before the rehoming process would begin…

Mum tells of horror when her car was rammed at a safari park – by a horny RHINO who mistook the 4×4 for a female

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Vicky Liggins, 29, said she feared for her life after the three tonne beast smashed into her Mitsubishi Warrior causing £500 worth of damage. She had been at a safari park with her 19-month-old daughter and sister when the African white rhino approached her car and began sniffing around the boot.

Artist re-creates eerie reconstruction of Richard III bones – as a CAKE

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German artist Annabel De Vetten, 42, sculpted the eerily realistic 3ft-wide dessert from a single slab of chocolate sponge.