Is this Britain’s answer to Justin Bieber? Teenager’s break-up song racks up 350,000 YouTube views

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Charlie Jones, 14, is already well on his way to becoming a pop idol after the young heartthrob’s debut video went viral.

Air steward has spent £100,000 on plastic surgery to be a real life Ken doll

April 30, 2014 | by | 1 Comment

Rodrigo Alves, 30, has undergone 20 cosmetic procedures including nose jobs, liposuction, six-pack and pec implants, calf shaping, and botox fillers. But his quest for perfection nearly cost him his life when a Brazilian doctor injected a gel into his arms to make them look more muscly.

UKIP’s youngest member, girl 17, caught boasting about a ‘fantastic’ cannabis-fuelled party

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Rosie Ward, 17, posted photos on Facebook showing revellers drinking and smoking at in a bar.

Supermarket workers find live SCORPION inside a packet of bananas

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The venomous creature had made it all the way from Costa Rica to the UK by stowing away among the fruit.

Dramatic moment cop TASERS naked man who flicked his dirty PANTS at him

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PC Lee Birch, 30, (top left) zapped Daniel Dove with the 50,000-volt weapon after the well-worn boxers were flicked into his face. Mr Dove, 23, had been arrested for being drunk and disorderly outside a nightclub and was ordered to strip naked for a search once inside a police cell. But he felt “humiliated” at the way he was being treated and hurled his boxers in a “split second” fit of temper.

Obese mum lost HALF body weight after being too ashamed to look in mirror

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Joanne Sanderson, 30, is is a super slimmer.

Spurned lover tries to frame his ex for attempted murder… by stabbing HIMSELF

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Aleksander Laczmanski, 33, plunged a kitchen knife into his own stomach after his partner tried to walk out on him.

Half of parents admit they have GIVEN UP trying to change their child’s unhealthy diet

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Researchers found many mums and dads want their offspring to eat more fruit, drink more water and ditch fatty treats.

Angler catches Britain’s biggest freshwater fish… and at 8ft it’s longer than him

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Alex Fanshawe, 32, battled the behemoth for 15 minutes before he landed the 119lbs Welsh catfish.

Friends celebrating St George’s day kicked out of pub for wearing England shirts

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Peter Kinselley, 52, went to the boozer with eight pals after work to toast to St George’s Day.

Golfer who suffered a stroke makes miracle recovery after blood clot is VACUUMED from his brain

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Stephen Williamson, 60, collapsed as he prepared to take a putt on the second hole at Ramsdale Park Golf Club.

Giant cactus shoots up to 16ft in a few weeks… and it’s still GROWING

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The Giant Agave, a native Mexican plant, has been growing for 45 years at the Plant Lovers Nursery in Candlesby, Lincolnshire but has had a sudden growth spurt. The towering plant has been nicknamed the ‘Green Giant’ and is expected to reach 25ft by the end of the summer after growing at a rate of two inches every day.

Swindon striker Nile Ranger charged with assault and criminal damage

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The Swindon Town striker, 23, is alleged to have hit a woman and then kicked a door.

Camping ‘no poles required’ sign appears next to UKIP billboard in embarrassing blunder

April 29, 2014 | by | 2 Comments

The billboards went up side by side as the party launches a publicity blitz ahead of next month’s European elections. Their campaign poster declaring ‘Take back control of our country’ found right next to the huge roadside ad for the Go Outdoors camping firm. Charity worker Willie Dunn, 45, who spotted the unfortunate juxtaposition, said: “I almost crashed the car when I saw it.”

Orlando Bloom set to sell his classic Aston Martin for £150,000

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The A-list actor paid £90,000 for the stunning 1958 Aston Martin DB Mk III when he bought it in 2011. But the Pirates of the Caribbean star has decided to get rid of the pretty Aston as he doesn’t get much time to cruise around in the British car.

Lib Dem councillor suspended after ‘hitting seven-year-old boy’

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Colin Rosenstiel, 64, has been charged with assault and is due to stand trial.

Oddball tramp who sleeps in HOT ASHES dubbed Europe’s dirtiest person

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Ludvik Dolezal, 58, from the Czech Republic, burns whatever he finds to create the dirty pile before crawling into it to sleep.