Mobile World Congress 2014 shows a glimpse of the future

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Wearable technology seems to be the prevalent theme of this year’s exhibition. Samsung have put wearable tech at the heart of their development ethic, and brands like Sony look to be following suit.

Red-faced owner of £300,000 Lamborghini supercar crashes into two cars in London’s Sloane Street after ‘racing all day’

March 31, 2014 | by | 5 Comments

The £300,000 hypercar has been filmed being driven aggressively in the past with flames firing out of its uprated exhaust. But it was turned into a depressing wreck on Sunday after suffering serious frontal damage with bits of its bodywork strewn all over the road. A parked BMW and a Mazda 5, worth a combined £5,000, were also involved in the accident, which took place on Sloane Street in central London late on Sunday afternoon.

Men only do ‘half a job’ when tackling household chores, claim women

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Two thirds of women have to go round and clean or tidy up after their husbands have already ‘done it’.

Dramatic moment a plane is struck in mid-air by lightning THREE times

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Tracy Meakin White, 42, spotted the passenger jet from her patio window as it came into land at Birmingham Airport during an electrical storm. Incredibly, the KLM flight from Amsterdam was struck THREE times, yet still managed to land on Friday at 4.30pm.

OAP kerb crawler, 65, demands prostitution is legalised after hooker steals his BAG

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Arthur Watson, 65, admits picking up sex workers but is outraged after one nicked his bag from his car.

Eight-year-old bodybuilder becomes Internet hit with his rippling muscles

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Pint-sized Brandon Blake has the defined physique of a professional athlete – despite only being at infants school.

Finally a mum after shedding 17 STONE

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Michelle Turner, 35, had lost seven babies before her rapid diet.

Idiotic council chiefs spend £2k on new lamppost that’s stuck behind a TREE

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Not one beam of light can escape from the 20ft-high lamppost which has left baffled pedestrians completely in the dark.

Police hunt for killer of brain damaged man murdered in car park

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Former barman James Attfield was found dead with fatal head injuries at dawn on Saturday in Colchester.

Woman, 28, fined just £75 after making 1,300 hoax calls to the ambulance service

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Stacey White persistently made drunken calls to East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS).

Police slammed after taking SEVEN months to prosecute £9.40 cheese shoplifter

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Stephen Smith, 48, was caught on CCTV stuffing four packs down his trousers before leaving a shop.

Security guard fought off machete wielding attacker and accomplice over EMPTY cash box

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Shaun Bush, 52, was set on by Scott Davenport and Mark Badman as he went to collect money from a Tesco Express store. The pair, who had winter hats and scarves across their faces, demanded he hand over the box but Shaun bravely stood his ground. He ignored his G4S training to hand over the box and was punched by Badman and flung to the ground – but still clung on.

Family of murdered graduate beg Goverment not to deport Polish killers as their sentences will be cut

March 28, 2014 | by | 2 Comments

The evil trio were each given a minimum of 32 years in jail after they carefully plotted the death of Catherine Wells-Burr (left) whose body was found in her burned-out car. But the Government is now considering deporting Rafal Nowak (right) – who posed as Catherine’s doting boyfriend – and his jealous mistress Anna Lagwinowicz to Poland. This would mean they could be released SEVEN YEARS earlier because of more lenient Polish sentencing guidelines.

British woman, 88, officially recognised as the world’s oldest papergirl

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Sprighty Beryl started her round 35 years ago – and has so far cycled 40,000 miles and delivered 500,000 newspapers.

Father-of-one chops off his own injured HAND with a guillotine after doctors refused to amputate it

March 28, 2014 | by | 4 Comments

Desperate Mark Goddard, 44, says he performed the gruesome DIY operation when doctors refused to amputate the limb. The married dad-of-one knocked up his spring-loaded contraption using two planks of wood, elastic chords and an axe. He spent two weeks assembling and testing it out in his back garden he placed his left wrist under the blade – and chopped it clean off – but ironically, still suffers the phantom pain.

Drunk woman, 41, jailed after locking herself in plane toilet with Vodka and cigarettes

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Marsha Woodwart was confronted by Thomson Airways staff 30 minutes into her flight from Heraklion Airport in Crete.

15-stone hooker ‘Curvy Candy’ jailed after threatening to tell client’s wife

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Jennifer Simpson, 31, demanded £500 from the married father to keep their romps secret.