Lithuanian mother jailed for murdering newborn son also killed her first child

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Ineta Dzinguviene, 27, was sentenced to 15 years in prison in 2011 for smothering her baby son Paulius with plastic food wrapping.

Pregnant woman, 19, due to give birth despite having abortion AND using contraception

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Shannon Skinner went for a medical abortion when she was eight weeks pregnant when she decided it was too soon to have a second child.

Soap star injured during theatre show when a can of HAIRSPRAY exploded in his face

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Emmerdale and Home and Away actor Richard Grieve was hit in the face during the closing minutes of Priscilla Queen of the Desert.

Waitrose puts Easter Eggs on the shelves FOUR MONTHS early

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The supermarket has shelves full of hollow chocolate bunnies and Easter treats less than a week after Christmas.

The feud between two of Britain’s biggest dairies over changing the recipe for CLOTTED CREAM

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The afternoon tea staple was given protected status in 1998 – the same safeguard as Stilton cheese and Cumberland sausages.

Giving up chocolate for New Year made me ANOREXIC!

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Annabelle Harris cut the sugary snack from her diet when she was nine.

Driving instructor turned Breaking-Bad style drugs baron caught with £5 MILLION worth of cocaine

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Benjamin Holloway, 26, turned to drug dealing in order to raise £20,000 to stop his property from being sold.

Starbucks pays four-figure sum to pensioner who slipped on a GREASY floor

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Rosemarie Duggan, 71, suffered a torn hamstring after she tumbled over while walking through the shop.

Kebab shop sold pizza with a BOLT embedded in the crust

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The takeaway’s owner Mehmet Gilgil was fined when he appeared at Romford Magistrates Court.

Woman, 30, gored through the throat by a wild STAG in the Scottish Highlands

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Kate Stone, 30, was standing outside a guesthouse in the Scottish Highlands when the beast charged at her in the dark. Its antlers punctured her neck and her spinal column and she was left on the ground bleeding heavily in front of horrified friends.

John Bishop and Lilly Cole named Britain’s sexiest VEGETARIANS

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The meat-free celebs were awarded the accolade for 2013 by animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

Hospital worker jailed for stealing valuables from sick patients by rifling their their belongings

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Clinical support worker Gayle Beale, 42, was told she “failed dreadfully” in her duty of care at Warwick Hospital.

Neighbour from hell given ASBO banning him from dumping rubbish for SEVEN years

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John McFarlane, 43, piled up hundreds of black bags of waste around his neighbourhood – often dumping 20 bulging bin liners at a time.

Britain’s oldest DJ hangs up his headphones… at the age of 72

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Legendary DJ Derek has starred in music videos with stars including Dizzee Rascal and played with groups like Massive Attack.

Homeless people given 100 coats left behind at a STRIP CLUB

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A group of topless dancers from Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club in Croydon, South London donated all the coats left by drunk patrons.

Cops report theft from their own station after someone used their MILK

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Officers were so angry when the milk went missing from their canteen fridge that they logged it as an official crime.

Drunken thug gets tasered by cops THREE TIME after street brawl

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Ian Moorhouse, 22, has inflicted a reign of terror in Kidderminster, Worcs., by racking up 32 offences for assaults and affrays.