Father with rare condition can kiss his wife again after having part of his SKULL removed

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Mark Steadman, 38, was left in agonising pain at the slightest touch after being diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) in 2009.

Man arrested on suspicion of murder after elderly tourist is stabbed to death

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The victim, who has not been named, was understood to be visiting a pretty seaside resort in Devon.

Metal detectors finds woman’s wedding ring she lost digging cabbages 40 YEARS AGO

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Brenda Caunter, 62, was tending vegetables in her allotment in 1972 when the golden band slipped off her finger.

Locksmith, 81, retires after working at the same shop for 67 YEARS

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Norman Field started work after leaving school in 1947 and has made a staggering ONE MILLION keys.

Britain’s first life-saving Labrador can tell when a diabetic will collapse… with just one SNIFF

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The trusty pet can monitor the glucose levels of owner Claire Petersfield by smelling her sweat.

Woman called 99 to ask if she needed a licence to own a TORTOISE

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The barmy pet owner was one of thousands of time-wasters who wrongly used the emergency number over the last 12 months.

Obese Arsenal fan loses HALF her weight after getting stuck in the TURNSTILES at Old Trafford

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Two stewards had to haul her 20-stone frame through the narrow entrance in front of jeering rival supporters. Lorraine, 47, who had gone to the Manchester stadium to watch the rugby Challenge Cup final, was so embarrassed she spent the first half crying in the toilets.

My daughter’s named after a BEER and WINE!

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Estella Rose was delivered in a pub after mum Natalie went into labour.

Teacher saves pupil’s life after he choked on a SWEET given as a REWARD

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Korben Edwards, 11, popped the Werther’s Original into his mouth during a science lesson.

McDonald’s apologises after serving customer a stomach-churning RAW BURGER

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Social services worker Sue Bennett, 43, choked in disgust as she took the top of the bun off the burger to remove the gherkins. One of the meat patties was pink and uncooked to she took it to the manageress, who tested it with a temperature probe. It gave a reading of 39 degrees C – just above FREEZING.

Sex attacker caught after changing victim’s WhatsApp profile to a picture… of HIMSELF

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Afrasayab Khan, 18, attacked the terrified 19-year-old as she made her way home in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs.

Shambolic NHS hospital wants to improve standards by letting staff use TWITTER and FACEBOOK on the wards

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The odd policy announcement was by hospitals in Lincoln – among the worst in the UK.

Mum photographs flasher who exposed himself to her six-year-old DAUGHTER

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The pervert was snapped doing up his flies after the incident which took place in Dudley, West Mids.

The best albums of the year so far

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There have been a number of artist returns including Justin Timberlake and Franz Ferdinand and the albums they have delivered are simply outstanding.

Manu Tuilagi gets pranked by teenager making BUNNY EARS behind HIS head

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The British and Irish Lions player was rapped earlier this month after being snapped pulling the same prank on Prime Minister David Cameron.

How to scare everyone senseless this Halloween

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With the digital world forever changing, it was inevitable it would help increase events like Halloween.

Boy, 7, who sleeps for 19 HOURS a day after swine flu jab refused compensation

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Josh Hadfield developed the condition within three weeks of receiving the drug and now suffers “attacks”.