How to live for less (and make money while you’re at it!)

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Living for less is something we all want to do. Here are a few tips for cutting down on bills and perhaps even making some money.

Vehicles for Extreme Sports

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Recent developments in technology, engineering and human nature in general have driven us to even further extremes.

Businessman embarasses TripAdvisor with fake restaurant that led diners to a grotty alleyway

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The eaterie – called Oscars’s – was billed as one of the best places to eat in Britain with “mind blowing” Michelin-stared food.

Beatles fan stole pants label from Fab Four’s hotel room in 1963 that’s now worth £3,000

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Sandra Woodruff, then 16, grabbed the card inlay from a packet of briefs and had it signed by the group.

Woman, 41, gives birth just 15 HOURS after finding she was pregnant

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Amanda Ross went eight months without any signs she was expecting.

Former school headteacher charged with a series of sexual offences against children

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Rob Haines, 44,will appear in court next month accused of four counts of sexual grooming, five counts of sexual activity and four counts of taking indecent images of a child.

The secret to a long life? Get a toyboy 33 years younger!

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Daisy Dunnett has celebrated her 100th birthday with husband David, aged 67.

Shambolic NHS ambulance service slammed AGAIN after patient died when she had to wait FOUR HOURS

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Rita May Benton, 84, suffered a perforated colon, an infection and eventually a fatal heart attack on February 22 this year.

Sir Francis Drake’s local pub targeted by jobsworths ordering historic 16th century interior to be RE-PAINTED

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The Minerva Inn is full of historic timber beams – stripped from galleons of the vanquished 1588 Spanish Armada.

Graduate lands her first job as an acrobat WING WALKING at 1,000ft

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Nikita Salmon, 21, is the latest member of the Breitling Wingwalkers team which travels the country performing hair-raising aerial acrobatics. She joined the seven-strong squad after spotting an advert in her local paper after graduating from Cardiff University.

Holidaymaker ate an octopus before discovering it was only the SECOND of its kind ever found

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Labros Hydras, 49, pulled the freak creature – dubbed a ‘hexapus’ – from the sea as he went snorkeling in Greece.

Passenger who couldn’t afford the fare home tried to hitch a ride on a train’s ROOF

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Andrew Merrett, 26, sprinted across two live railway lines before scaling the front of the locomotive on June 28.

Drunk thief stole a VIAGRA MACHINE from a pub’s toilet wall

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Sean Michael Fitzgerald, 38, walked out of the pub in Wollaston, West Mids., carrying the machine under his arm.

Mum-of-one sparks huge drugs alert after WASHING POWDER she sent to Jamaica is mistaken for COCAINE

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Sharon Jaddoo, 44, spent months packing 80 kilo drums with items to send to her disabled 77-year-old aunt in Kingston.

Scumbag teenager jailed for dealing drugs to friend who died JOKES in Facebook pictures outside court

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Aaron Manton, 19, joked ‘see you all in three years’ before he was sent down with low-life friend Rachel Priest.

Pooch for the camera! UK’s most photogenic animal is this adorable pet PUG

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The dog, Rylo, beat 25 fellow finalists to be crowned the nation’s most photogenic creature. In the competition, run by photography company Venture, the pug posed for the camera in a bid to win the top prize of the UK’s leading Prize Pooch.

SAS sniper Danny Nightingale receives suspended sentence for hiding gun and ammo from Iraq

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Sergeant Danny Nightingale, 38, was found guilty of hiding a firearm he brought back from Iraq and hoarding live ammunition from shooting ranges. He had been given the Glock 9mm pistol by local soldiers during active service in the war-torn country in 2007.