Christina Edkins alleged killer is deemed ‘unfit to plead’ until later this year

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Tragic Christina, 16, was murdered on a bus as she made her way to school at 7.30am on March 7.

Woman meets schoolfriend 35 years after newspaper obituary said she was DEAD

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Christine Greenslade, 66, decided to trace the childhood chums she grew up with in Penzance, Cornwall.

That’ll get you moo-ving! Farmer launches’s world’s first vodka… made from MILK

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Enterprising Jason Barber, 45, already supplies the milk that creates some of the country’s top cheddar cheeses.

Goal-den oldie! Pensioner turns out for his local football team… aged SEVENTY FIVE

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Bob Clarke takes to the field in a grueling midfield role and is one of the country’s oldest players.

Grandmother, 75, to become UK’s oldest female scuba diver

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Pat Fung only started diving eight years ago, but has set her sights on becoming an instructor to help newbies into the sport.

Boy, 7, who went missing from a campsite is found safe… sleeping under an OAK TREE

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The youngster sparked a massive search when he wandered off from his parents’ tent to play in nearby woods.

Man, 57, diagnosed with rare ‘zombie condition’ endures nine years of thinking he was the LIVING DEAD

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Graham Harrison was convinced he had died and even took to hanging around in graveyards.

Crazed wife is caught on camera attacking her husband… with her SHOPPING TROLLEY

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The middle-aged couple were spotted arguing in the street in Mansfield, Notts., on Tuesday afternoon.

Man, 26, ‘killed his dwarf friend by pouring 27 tablets into his beer as a joke’

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Lee Webster played the fatal prank as he drank with 4ft pal Jason Wood and other mates, it was said.

Schoolboy, 6, bullied because his mother models for sexy 1940s wartime pin-up pictures

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David Belcher has been kept away from classes for six months amid claims other pupils bit and punched him, trapped his fingers and even urinated on his jumper. His mother Suzanne O’Neill, 25, said he was so frightened about going to school he stopped eating. She claims her son is being picked on as ‘different’ because she is a professional model who poses for sexy retro photos.

Fears grow for missing woman, 26, after car is abandoned at beauty spot

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Frankie Warren, 26, vanished from her home in Thornbury, Glos., on Wednesdayat 8.40 am.

Alcoholic who kicked his pregnant fiancee and unborn child to death should have been stopped TWO MONTHS before

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Tony McLernon, 24, lured Eystna Blunnie to her horrific end with a text saying ‘Got a surprise for you, hope you like it’.

Teenager who raped girl, 12, in beach hut avoids jail… because he was a few months from turning 18

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The youngster sneaked out of home to meet the 17 year-old on several occasions in Herne Bay, Kent.

Georgia Williams’ boyfriend says he will ‘never give up’ looking for his missing love

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Matthew Bird, 18, posted a string of emotional messages on his Facebook page as police continued looking for the girl.

Village dog show banned after pet owners start FIGHTING each other

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Two women rivals started fighting and rubbish and verbal abuse was thrown at show organisers in Higham, Kent.

Beer advert starring Armstrong and Miller is banned for ‘insulting the Poles and Irish’

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The sketch for Spitfire ale features the funnymen as RAF characters from their BBC show.

Police arrest suspected killer on flight from Thailand after dad-of-two was shot dead

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Marlon O’Reilly, 33, was gunned down in an execution-style killing as he celebrated his birthday in a pub.