Women ogle the bodies of naked females for LONGER than men, claim researchers

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Women’s eyes linger on the breasts while men stare at faces, according to the University of Bristol.

Time for a change? Meet the ‘Queen Geek’ who travels the world… photographing IBM cash registers

November 30, 2012 | by | 2 Comments

There’s no change in Leila Johnston’s dull hobby — travelling thousands of miles to photograph cash registers. Pretty Leila, 33, is only interested in IBM-made registers and has spent the last year tracking down tills in shops, cafes and pharmacists and posting them online. Amazingly, the 45 photos she posted on her finalbullet.com blog have…

Pawnbrokers investigated aftering offering ‘vulnerable families’ £50,000 Christmas loans

November 30, 2012 | by | 1 Comment

H&T Pawnbrokers put up a poster with watches and rings dangling from a Christmas tree advertising the upfront cash.

Coffin of homeless man killed in hailstorm to be carried through town in aid of rough sleepers

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Michael Gething, 41, as found dead in his sleeping bag earlier this month.

Hospital turns away woman suffering heart palpitations and tells her to call an ambulance

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Becky Evans-Woodward, 33, has a history of heart attacks and arrive at A&E with a racing pulse.

Raven-haired ‘femme fatal’ lured student home for sex before stabbing him twice then crying rape

November 30, 2012 | by | 4 Comments

Emily Goode, 28, had sex games with a six-inch kitchen knife before stabbing Josh Nock in the back.

Is this the world’s bravest schoolboy? Teenager, 13, dives into eight-man brawl that injured a policeman and rescues a security guard

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Jack Slater, 14, was with a friend at his local shopping centre when security guards moved in to remove the four thugs who were celebrating after one avoided a jail sentence at a court hearing earlier that day. A fight broke out after security asked the group to leave because they were drunk and causing a nuisance. Dozens of adults gathered to watch the shocking spectacle but only Jack, who was still wearing his school uniform, leaped in to help.

Policeman cleared of racism after calling black man a ‘monkey’ now faces gross misconduct case

November 30, 2012 | by | 1 Comment

PC Kevin Hughes from the Metropolitan Police was cleared in court after claiming he was discussing evolution.

Black armbands for a hedgehog and goalies eating chips: Just some of the spoof letters a fan sent to dozens of top football clubs

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Fraser Syme sent the bizarre requests to teams including Arsenal, Chelsea and Celtic but they were politely declined.

Chocolate PC-nuts, please! Former Met cop gives up policing to open UK’s only vegetarian sweet shop

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John Baldock, 56, left the force after 30 years and opened Sweet Expectations in Rochester, Kent.

Kentucky Fly-ed Chicken: Japanese airline to offer KFC at 30,000ft

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Airplane food has often been a bone of contention for passengers but that is all set to change – after a leading international airline announced it will serve passengers KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN. Japan Airlines are trialling chicken coated in the Colonel’s famous blend of 11 herbs and spices from December until February. The in-flight meal,…

Healthy young woman, 23, has both breasts removed

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Fiona Luscombe’s mother and grandfather both died from breast cancer

Mobile phone thief who stuffed 20 devices into his TIGHTS caught after one iPhone had a tracking app

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Ionut Guita, 23, was caught with the devices snatched from revellers at Sundown music festival near, Norwich.

Schoolgirl, 13, killed by 50 tonne tram after being hit ‘while she was playing CHICKEN with her friends’

November 29, 2012 | by | 13 Comments

Lindsey Marie Inger was flung 15ft into the air after being struck by the 50 tonne tram while dashing in front of it as she messed around with pals on Wednesday evening. The tragic teenager was rushed to hospital with catastrophic injuries following the collision at 7pm but she was later pronounced dead.

Ambulance operator told blind pensioner to ‘go to hospital alone and that guide dog would read the signs’

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Alfreda Weir, 64, has had three strokes, kidney failure, heart failure and depends on her 10-year-old guide dog Yoko.

Traffic wardens slammed after slapping parking tickets on cars stranded in FLOOD WATER

November 29, 2012 | by | 1 Comment

Residents were forced to abandon their vehicles after a deluge of water flooded the streets.

Paedophile jailed for five years after sending 200,000 sexual messages to children online

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The horrifying figure was revealed by police after Jahangir Karim, 38, admitted pressuring a 15-year-old girl into having sex.