World’s most expensive terraced home goes on sale… for a breath-taking £100million

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One Cornwall Terrace is a Grade 1 listed mansion overlooking Regent’s Park in London.

The old ones are still the best! Skipping and hopscotch are still childrens’ favourite breaktime games

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The study shows the most popular playground craze 30 years ago was skipping, followed by conkers and hopscotch.

Sick teenager made vile Facebook jokes that he RAPED missing April Jones’ dead body

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Sam Busby, 18, bragged online that he had sex sex with the five-year-old, who is missing presumed murdered.

Freddie Starr in furious meltdown outside mansion as Jimmy Savile sex scandal accusations take their toll

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The fuming comic, 69, lost his temper and attacked members of the media outside his mansion in Studley, Warks., before threatening to have them all “wiped out”. A dishevelled looking Starr appeared to be slurring his words as he launched his torrent of abuse at journalists and photographers at around 1pm on Tuesday afternoon.

Manual publishers Haynes have released an in-depth guide to their most deadly vehicle yet – a dreaded Klingon starship

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Car experts Haynes have boldly gone where no publisher has gone before – by releasing a guide to a Klingon starship. The guide to a Klingon Bird-of-Prey warship is a welcome addition to the bookshelf of any Star Trek fan who wants to know the ins and outs of their favourite instrument of destruction. Described…

Rockstar reveal Grand Theft Auto V to hit the shelves in Spring next year

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The latest instalment of smash hit series Grand Theft Auto is scheduled to hit the shelves in Spring 2013 – developer Rockstar announced this week. Grand Theft Auto 5, created by Edinburgh-based Rockstar North, is the eagerly anticipated sequel to the multi-million selling GTA IV, which was released in 2008. A statement on the official…

Mobiles get speedier as superfast 4G phones on sale in Britain

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Superfast 4G phones are now on sale in Britain for the first time. Phone giants EE – formerly Orange – have become the first company to provide the service for both business and personal use. The coverage will span UK 11 cities including London, Leeds, Liverpool and Birmingham.   The launch has been hailed as…

Skyrim scoops top gaming award at 30th Golden Joystick Awards

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Giant dragons helped Skyrim scoop top prizes at the most prestigious computer games awards ceremony in the country. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim picked up Ultimate Game of the Year, as well as two other awards, at the 30th annual Golden Joystick Awards last Friday. The ground-breaking role-playing game allows players to explore the mythical world…

British grandmother who was first white woman to be a Ghanian chief is made head of her THIRD tribe

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Lynne Symonds, 50, was crowned ‘Chief of Enlightenment and Education’ for the Manprusis tribe in Ghana in 1996.

Hedgehog has to be rescued by SIX people… after getting stuck in a crisp packet

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The spiked creature was spotted trying and failing to wriggle out of the bag.

The Beatles’ Ivor Novello Award for Yellow Submarine to sell for £5,000… after being used as a DOORSTOP

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The Fab Four scooped the prestigious gong in 1966 but it was abandoned in a London office.

Boy, 11, suffered alergic reaction to painkillers and now sheds his skin like a SNAKE

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Calvin Lock almost died after taking a small dose of ibuprofen – which caused the extremely rare reaction.

Animal instincts! Zoo creatures get ready for Halloween… by tucking into spooky pumpkins

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Crocodiles, otters, iguanas, snakes and even a scorpion were among a number of species enjoying the seasonal fruit.

Crafty badger caught clambering onto 4ft high bird table for midnight feast

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Edward Morton captured the moment after he set up a camera to film the nimble creature in his back garden.

Police probe claims BBC radio reporter killed himself after being harassed by female colleague

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Russell Joslin, 50, died last Monday afternoon after he was admitted to a mental health hospital following a failed suicide bid three days earlier.

He’s a czar pilot! Russian aviator guides plane on take off runway through 3ft of thick MUD

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In the 60-second clip, the tiny Antonov An-24 plane can be seen churning up mud as it struggles to build up speed.

School pulls down Madagascar 3 film poster after parent complains it is ‘seducing’ them

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Darren Moore said the poster – which the school is paid by an agency to display – was ”inappopriate”’.