Darwin’s On the Origin of Species: A Picture Book Adaptation – Kickstarter Project

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Evolution by natural selection is one of the best ideas in science. It explains an incredibly wide range of biological facts. But it is taught in a dry and confusing manner in school. Many people don’t really understand Darwin’s theory. Some don’t even believe in Evolution.

In 1831, Darwin embarked on a five-year survey voyage around the world on the HMS Beagle. In 1859, he published On the Origin of Species where he describes his findings. The book is still a bestseller on websites like Amazon, despite the fact that it was written 150 years ago.

A new study suggests that teaching kids the theory of natural selection while they are young could help understand Evolution later in school. This Kickstarter project aims to fund a picture book adaptation that will explain Darwin’s theory in an engaging and accessible manner. A picture book is a perfect medium for conveying complex ideas to children – minimal text works together with imagery to carry the meaning along.

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