Daredevil becomes world’s first CLOUD SURFER – dangling from a helicopter on a SNOWBOARD

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This amazing video shows the world’s first ‘cloud surfer‘ – a daredevil dangling from a helicopter on a SNOWBOARD.

The incredible footage sees stuntman Adrian ‘Wildman’ Cenni swooping through the skies – surfing clouds not waves.

He is filmed being swept up to 6,000 feet to glide over the horizon at 80mph under the stunning sunshine.

Adrian – suspended from a chopper on wires – then moves his board gracefully over white fluffy clouds.

The movie, which was completed just a few weeks ago, was created by video sharing company Shareability.

(Happy Socks/Shareability / SWNS)

(Happy Socks/Shareability / SWNS)

Co-founder Cameron Manwaring first came up with the idea while on a flight back from Guatemala, while gazing out at the clouds.

He said: “My wife and I were taking a flight and we were looking out of the window while the plane was climbing through the clouds and she had this thought that wouldn’t it be cool if we could walk on the clouds.

“It got me thinking and I thought wouldn’t it be cool if you could snowboard on the clouds.”

They ran the idea past stuntman Adrian ‘Wildman’ Cenni, from  Durban, South Africa, while having dinner with him in New York last year.

The company had worked with him to film him become the first person to complete a 360 degree barrel roll in a vehicle.

They started filming late last year in a number of secret locations – but mostly in Big Sky Ranch in Simi Valley, California.

(Happy Socks/Shareability / SWNS)

(Happy Socks/Shareability / SWNS)

It involved the stuntman and aerial cinematographer wearing helmet cams while attached to long ropes tied to struts strapped to helicopters.

Cameron added: “We’re always trying to figure out the craziest most exciting things we can do.

“We had multiple helicopters and stunt riggers and five or six different types of cameras.

“It was definitely an amazing experience, and in some of the testing phases I went up myself.

“I know what it is like to snowboard a cloud and it was definitely breathtaking. It is just magical.  It really is happiness at its best I guess.  It was amazing.

“We like to make content that is fun and valuable and people enjoy sharing because of the emotions it gives them when the watch it.

“We are the first people to have done this that we know of and there was a lot of trial and error involved, a lot of safety and planning to make sure we were safe.”

This amazing video shows the world's first 'cloud surfer' - a daredevil dangling from a helicopter on a SNOWBOARD (Happy Socks/Shareability / SWNS)

This amazing video shows the world’s first ‘cloud surfer’ – a daredevil dangling from a helicopter on a SNOWBOARD (Happy Socks/Shareability / SWNS)

The video was created by Shareability for Swedish company Happy Socks.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Happy Socks is about happiness and creativity.

“In this short video the Swedish brand aims to bring its followers an idea of total human freedom and create a viral campaign under the hashtag #HappinessEverywhere.”

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