Danielle Lloyd in blazing Twitter row with furious Wolves fans after relegation

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WAG Danielle Lloyd was embroiled in a blazing Twitter row yesterday after she was targeted by angry Wolverhampton Wanderers fans.

Wolves – who were relegated from the Premier League last season -faced the drop for a second year running after a 2-0 defeat to Brighton on Saturday.

The Celebrity Big Brother star’s husband Jamie O’Hara, who plays for the side, sparked scathing attacks from supporters after clapping them sarcastically during the game.

Danielle Lloyd had a blazing Twitter row with fans after Wolves were relegated

Danielle Lloyd had a blazing Twitter row with fans after Wolves were relegated

After the match a mob of fans hurled abuse at O’Hara as the team bus left Brighton’s Amex Stadium.

And furious supporters also took to Twitter to abuse his pregnant glamour model wife.

Danielle responded to the critical fans by tweeting: “Why am I getting abuse from Wolves fans I don’t know?

“Is it me that wears the shirt? My husband gives 100 per cent every time he plays but sadly some fans feel the need to abuse players!

“A true fan to me is someone who is behind the team win or lose so instead of calling my husband a disgrace, look at your own behaviour.

“Maybe if you were giving 100 per cent support the would have done better. Remember you’re the 12th player in all this!

“As I said some fans not all! And the ones threatening me and my family are a disgrace.”

But her response infuriated fans further who continued to abuse the mother-of-two.

Kate Wright tweeted: “Danielle Lloyd, if its not your legs open it’s your mouth. Shut it, p**s off and take your fat useless idiot of a husband with you!”

Shane Morris added: “Danielle Lloyd waited till last game of season to slag the fans off cos she knows her overpaid w***er of a husband wont be there next season.”

While @Timmo_WWFC said: “Danielle Lloyd is even a bigger disgrace than O’Hara. Sponging off wages that he doesn’t even deserve to be earning.”

And @martholliday wrote: “Danielle Lloyd is hopeless. But then she is just a wag. Get her out.”

O’Hara quit the social networking site last year because of supporters venting anger over his salary, believed to be around £35,000 per week.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    That’s an interesting salary, “#35,000 a week”. Can’t your site handle a simple pound sign?!

  2. Jinx1611 says:

    Think Lloyd has a terrible mouth and is illiterate. She made a living out of getting with a premiership soccer player. What will she do now, trade him in!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Nice jugs though 😉

  4. Anonymous says:

    Never did anything of note anyway.if you aren’t a footy player you ain’t got a chance

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