Dads drive more than 2,000 miles a year ferrying kids around

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Dads drive more than 2,000 miles a year – ferrying the kids around, it was revealed.

The average father clocks up 43 miles a week running the children to and from school and to extra-curricular activities, friend’s houses and childcare.

That means dad’s taxi travels 2,236 a year – or a staggering 26,832 miles before their kids turn 17 and are able to drive themselves.

Researchers, in a poll of 2,000 dads, also found dads who act as the family taxi have little time to themselves – with a third enjoying less than an hour of rest and relaxation every day.

Harriet Knight, of Grant’s Scotch Whisky, said: ”It would appear the nation’s dads spend most evenings ferrying their children round from one event to another and are in desperate need for ‘He’ time.

”When asked what they would prefer to be doing, 63 per cent claim they would like more time to pursue their hobbies and interests.

”Hardworking fellas deserve the chance to wind down.”

The study found dads travel eight miles a week on the school run, despite this largely being mum’s domain.

And dads also drive five miles depositing and collecting kids from a child-minder or babysitter.

A further seven miles are spent going to and from sports clubs such as swimming, rugby, football, ballet or dance classes.

Eight miles are travelled for extra-curricular activities such as music and art classes, guides and scouts or language lessons.

Trips to friends’ houses means another nine miles a week and another six miles taking children who work part-time to and from their jobs.

And dad’s claim their ‘little princesses’ are worst for asking for lifts than their sons, with 31 per cent of girls relying heavily on dad’s taxi compared to 20 per cent of boys.

It also emerged four in ten dads struggle to find ‘me time’ because they’re so caught up trying to balance work commitments with ferrying the children around.

When it is time to unwind, 70 per cent of men lack the energy for a social evening out, so surf the web instead.

But three quarters of those polled said they were too busy with their kids’ after school activities to have any other interests or hobbies.

A quarter of dads said they would like more time to go to the gym, while 20 per cent would like to drink with friends in the local pub.

A fifth of dad said they would relish the chance to play computer games with their mates, while 16 per cent would like to clear their heads by going for a run.

And while a quarter of dads don’t have any interests at all outside the family, 53 per cent admitted they would be interested in joining a club with other like-minded over-worked blokes.

The poll also showed in the short time they do have to relax, 72 per cent of blokes put their feet up in front of the TV, while 29 per cook something.

Four in ten blokes will use the opportunity to nip down the pub, and 18 per cent will opt for a bit of gardening.


Each week

School 8 miles
Childminders 5 miles
Extra curricular activities 8 miles
Sports 7 miles
Friend’s houses 7 miles
Parties 2 miles
Work / part time jobs 6 miles

Total = 43 miles a week

43 miles x 52 weeks = 2,236 miles travelled a year

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