Czech ‘X Factor’ presenter has ‘faeces’ wiped on his Audi R8 supercar

January 18, 2011 | by | 1 Comment

This is the disgusting moment the host of the Czech Republic’s X Factor goes to open the door of his Audi R8 supercar – and realises a sick teenager has wiped what appears to be excrement on the door handle.

Czech 'X Factor' presenter has faeces wiped on his Audi R8 supercar

The youngsters film themselves creeping across a road in broad daylight and then smearing the faeces onto the £80,000 supercar’s door handle before retreating to their starting place.

Soon after, the car’s owner, believed to be Czech singer and TV presenter Leos Mares, approaches his 180mph Audi and goes to open the door when he realises he’s covered in his hands in waste.

The shocked TV personality, who hosts Česko Slovenská Superstar, smells his hand and then turns around and wipes it on the roof of the car parked in front.

He then looks up towards the filthy vandals, who are struggling to contain their laughter when the filming stops.

The disgusting act has been met with horror from fans of the US motoring website Jalopnik.

One user, Kar120c, said: “Those kids deserve an ass-kicking. Doesn’t matter that they did it to an R8; it could have been an Aveo and it would still be justified.

“This is just something you *don’t* do to another person’s car.”

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  1. sell audi says:

    I absolutely love the Audi R8, it’s incredibly fast and handles well very indeed around tight corners.

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