Cutting-Edge Software Tools for Professional Videographers

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This month videographers got an exciting new tool for their kit in the form of Artisto, a filter app that lets iPhone and Android device users transform videos into works of art. Similar to the photo-editing app Prisma, Artisto lets you choose a 10-second section from a new video or one from your gallery and apply a filter that edits the footage into a moving portrait in the style of artists such as Picasso and van Gogh. Artisto illustrates the growing sophistication of the software tools and mobile apps now available to videographers. Here are a few other cutting-edge tools designed to assist video makers with pre-production, production and post-production.


To assist with pre-production, there are a number of apps available for both iOS devices and Androids. One of the leading storyboarding apps for iOS devices is Storyboard Composer, which lets you turn photos into storyboards so you don’t have to storyboard manually. You can add markups to your photos to represent elements such as your dolly, tracking, zooming and panning, and then you can play your storyboard to simulate your shot. Shot Designer lets you storyboard on Android devices, including simulating lighting conditions and adding props to scenes, plus a viewfinder tool and the ability to import storyboards. Artemis lets you simulate camera angles, lighting conditions, shots and sequences on both iOS and Android devices.


One of the most versatile production apps for iOS devices is the DSLR Filmmaker Toolkit. Designed to combine the functions of multiple apps into one tool, the DSLR Filmmaker Toolkit covers seven major functions. An electronic slate displays standard slate information. Using the slate activates an automatic shot log, which can be exported as a .csv or .html file. A viewfinder lets you simulate and save camera settings, a useful tool for location scouting. A depth of field calculator lets you instantly simulate DoF. There are also tools to help you plan your shots around daylight hours, create time-lapse effects and make sure your tripod, dolly or crane is level.

Another comprehensive app that brings mobile devices the production features of video cameras is FiLMIC Pro. This app provides manual control over everything from focus, exposure and frame rates to image quality, audio and motion effects. FilMIC Pro is available both for iPhones and for Android devices with high-quality cameras such as the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, which includes videography-friendly features such as quick launch camera capability, video stabilization, multiple camera modes and sensors that can detect light levels to automatically adjust to indoor or outdoor environments.


For post-production, Adobe has recently added Adobe Premiere Clip to its line of video editing products. Premiere Clip lets you edit your videos on your iOS or Android mobile device. You can drag and drop clips into the sequence you want, trim clips and adjust exposure. You can also add titles and transitions, sync your clip to a soundtrack, reduce music during dialogue sections and use Smart Volume to even out your audio levels. In addition to its built-in features, Premiere Clip integrates with other programs in Adobe’s Creative Cloud. You can send a photo gallery from Lightroom into Premiere Clip on iOS devices to apply custom lighting and color, enhance your videos with looks from Adobe Capture CC or send your footage on to Premiere Pro CC for even more robust editing. You can also sync your videos between devices and share them on social media.

Other leading video editing programs include AVS Video Editor, Final Cut Pro, and Sony Vegas Pro.

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