Cub scout leader ‘groped young boy and photographed him naked in a scout hut’

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A cub scout leader with a “secret sexual attraction” to small boys groped one of his pack and photographed him naked in a scout hut, a jury heard.

Rex Meaden allegedly abused the boy, aged between seven and 11, when he was Akela of a cub pack in the 1970s.

The jury heard Meaden, 61, molested the naked boy in the kitchen of a scout hut and persuaded the child to pose naked claiming the pictures were for a clothing catalogue.

Meaden’s alleged victim told the court the scout leader would tickle his stomach and he recalled being “messed about with” on a meeting night.

He told Bristol Crown Court: “I can remember Rex was sat down. I was arched over his lap, facing up to the ceiling. I was naked then.”

Meaden showed him photos of naked boys and got him and another boy to pose naked facing each other, the victim claimed.

He also photographed him and another boy while one did a handstand supported by the other.

He added: “He (Meaden) made it clear that he wanted you to be naked. We both said no and started laughing.

“He gave a disappointed look and there was something that made me feel sorry for him. I went on but (the other boy) said no.

“I proceeded to take my clothes off and he took photographs.”

Rupert Lowe, prosecuting, said Meaden was a dedicated scout leader for decades – but had secret dark side which also fuelled his desire to be involved in scouting.

Mr Lowe said: “We say he had a secret sexual attraction to small boys, which gave a secret edge to his desire to be involved in the scouting movement.”

He said troubled victims of such abuse often feel embarrassed, ashamed, frightened and guilty and the traumatised boy in question only recently plucked up the courage to report what happened.

When police investigated they found Meaden had more than 1,500 photos on slides in his possession – ten per cent of which depicted mainly boys, some naked from the waist up.

There were also hundreds of photographs – 45 of which depicted semi-naked children.

Mr Lowe told the jury: “We are talking about the 1970s.

“Now, if someone raises their camera to a child they get jumped on by the thought police straight away, thinking they are a paedophile.

“In the 1970s it was not at the forefront of our minds.”

The court heard the complainant told his mother about the abuse but nothing was done and he stayed on as a cub, later becoming a scout.

Meaden, a retired Filton Airbus employee, of Sea Mills Lane, Sea Mills, Bristol, denies indecent assault and two charges of indecency with a child.

The case continues.

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