Crab that grew extra set of pincers now resembles three-fingered Jedi Master YODA

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A curious crab has grown an extra set of pincers and looks just like – three-fingered Jedi Master YODA.

The mutant crustacean was hauled out of the sea in a fisherman’s lobster pot.

John Martin, skipper of Tizzard Lee-On, noticed the 20cm edible crab, landed near Newquay, Cornwall, had sprouted an additional set of pincers below his right claw.

Yoda the crab, which has grown an extra set of pincers

Yoda the crab, which has grown an extra set of pincers

He donated it to the resort’s Blue Reef Aquarium where visitors marvel at its likeness to legendary Star Wars character Yoda.

Blue Reef’s Jenni Smith said: “It’s relatively unusual to come across crustaceans with extra claws.

“No-one really knows why this sometimes happens, it could be due to environmental factors or be a genetic mutation.

“Crabs, like other crustaceans, are capable of re-growing limbs and claws if they lose or damage them in a fight.

“Perhaps this particular crab’s ability to re-generate lost limbs has got confused and, rather than replacing a missing set of claws, it’s actually ended up growing an extra pair instead.”

The edible crab is the largest species commonly found around the British Isles.

It has characteristic large black tipped claws and a ‘pie-crust’ edge to the shell which make it easily identifiable. Males can weigh up to three kilos.

They are generally nocturnal, scavenging and foraging for food under the cover of darkness and adults are found as deep as 100m under water.

Tests have shown that edible crabs’ claws have the crushing strength of over 90lb per square inch. An average person’s hand is only capable of squashing 25lb per square inch.

They also use them in fights with other crabs and often end losing them although they can re-grow.

Jenni added: “Although the extra claws look impressive they can’t actually function so he’s no more dangerous to handle than any other crab.”

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