I yabba-dabba-do! Couple who met over Skype get married dressed as The Flintstones

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David and Linda Alves as Fred and Wilma on their wedding day

David and Linda Alves as Fred and Wilma on their wedding day

A barmy couple who fell in love over Skype have tied the knot – dressed as The Flintstones.

David and Linda Alves shunned the conventional wedding dress and mourning suit combination in favour of Fred and Wilma costumes.

The modern stoneage family were determined their big day would be as colourful as possible and were joined in fancy dress by pals wearing Batman and Robin outfits and even a native Indian chief.

Retired fireman David and Linda, 56, and, 52, finally swapped vows after a whirlwind romance conducted almost entirely online.

The divorcees met in their hometown of King’s Lynn, Norfolk, five years ago and stayed in touch over the internet when David emigrated to Corfu.

Incredibly, when Linda fell ill with a brain tumour two years ago, David jetted back to Britain to help nurse her back to health.

He returned to his sunshine island, but after missing Linda too much romantically popped the big question to her over Skype – even though they had only seen each other six times.

The pair finally got married on Friday with 20 friends and family at the registrar office in King’s Lynn Town Hall proving the bedrock of their love.

Excited groom David said: “When I got down on one knee, she couldn’t see me on the screen. We wanted to go for something different from the white dress and tuxedo.

“It was just an idea that sprung to mind. We are not massive fans of the Flintstones, it’s just they are a famous cartoon couple. We tried to think of an iconic couple and it just kept coming back to Fred and Wilma.

Guests at the wedding in their unconventional fancy dress costumes

Guests at the wedding in their unconventional fancy dress costumes

“We are getting on in our years so we thought it was a great idea. It shows you don’t have to spend a fortune. The Registrar thought it was a great experience and she made a couple of jokes during the ceremony. She thought it was funny and original.

“Married life is yabba-dabba-doo.”

Cartoon-mad David and Linda met when he rented a flat above her ex-partner’s club and instantly struck up a friendship.

When Linda and her ex separated romance blossomed between the colourful couple, even though David had moved to Corfu in 2010.

House wife Linda suffered a brain tumour in 2010 which brought David to the UK for three months to care for her. She is in remission, but still undergoing regular six monthly check-ups.

Sadly Linda’s dad, former sailor Sidney Pratt, 86, passed away on Friday – the morning of their wedding day.

David added: “It is obviously an incredible unhappy time for Linda’s family. He was a great man but he wanted Linda to go ahead with her wedding day.
No time would have been a good time, because he wasn’t going to be there, so we went ahead.

“It was a happy celebration but Sid was missed, we just hope he was there with us.”

The couple will remain in the UK until September 27, when they return their home in Corfu.

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