Couple marry in Willy Wonka-themed ceremony

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A pair of childhood sweet-hearts proved they were ‘fondant’ of each other and married in a lavish Willy Wonka-themed ceremony – complete with hired Oompa-Loompas.

Couple marry in Willy Wonka-themed ceremony

Mark Brian and Natalie Whiteight dangled hundreds of intricately wrapped sweets from trees, sugar lollipops stuck in the ground and chocolate fountains surrounded the garden.

Guests were handed golden tickets for the ceremony with Mark, 30, dressed in a custom-made suit and top hat as Willy Wonka, made famous in the Roald Dahl classic.

The couple hired professional short men who painted their faces orange and wore bright green wigs like Oompa-Loompas as they sang trademark film themes whilst handing out sweets and cream teas to guests.

Mark, manager at County’s Confectionery in St Ives, Cornwall and Natalie both love the cult 70s classic Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Natalie, 32, who has been with Mark for six years, said: ”I still don’t fully know why we did it.

”We wanted a really chilled-out wedding, something that felt like a barbecue at a friend’s house or something.

”Mark’s family have a chocolate factory and then we happened to stumble across this miniman website one evening.

”We thought that what a co-incidence, let’s buy some Oompa-Loompas.”

Couple marry in Willy Wonka-themed ceremony

The couple prepared for the big day by individually wrapping chocolate bar invitations in lilac paper which contained golden tickets.

‘Willy Wonka’ factory gates were erected at the entrance to the The Watermill in Lelant, Cornwall, which staged the themed ceremony with golden silk curtains and smoke machines.

Guests were handed sweets and chocolate by a team of Oompa-Loompas as the film’s trademark song ‘pure imagination’ was played over a PA system.

Youngsters were sent to forage for sweets which were hidden in trees and around in the lawn.

Natalie added: ”One of the guests said it must have been the highest calorie wedding they had ever been too.

”But it was also for many, they said, the most exciting wedding they had ever been to where adults became kids and fought over chocolate.”

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  1. Natalie Brian says:

    my word! just found this! and it’s me! was an amazing day – still have a garage full of Wonka props!

    • Rupal says:

      Sounds amazing, I’m actually trying to plan a wonky themed first birthday party for my son. Would appreciate any ideas you have or best places to get props.

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