Couple who left pet Chihuahua with a dog-walking service get animal returned to them DEAD in a CARRIER BAG

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A family were shocked when they left their beloved Chihuahua with a dog-walking service only to have the pooch delivered back to them – DEAD in a CARRIER BAG.

Tiny two-year-old Chicco was mauled by a bigger dog while being looked after by the company while his owners went on holiday.

But Chicco’s owner Daniel Harris, 40, was devastated when he returned home to discover the two-year-old pup had been savaged to death by another dog.

Shockingly, when the family asked to have Chicco’s remains returned to them the owner of the business turned up with the dead dog in a yellow Next plastic bag.

Mr Harris, a chef, from Worcester, said: “The owner of the dog walking company came round to the house and handed my wife the plastic bag and said ‘that’s what’s left of it’.

“My son was absolutely heartbroken.

“I just want to warn people so it doesn’t happen to anyone else.

“I said he wasn’t supposed to be mixed with other dogs as he was so small but he said ‘It was OK, my wife was there’.

“He was a tiny Chihuahua which was the size of two baked bean cans at most.”

Daniel and his wife Tracy, 38, had left Chicco in the care of Paul Telfer who runs dog-walking service Local People for Local Pets when they went to Cornwall on holiday on July 20.

They paid £150 to the company which also runs a kennels.

But when the family returned home on July 27 they received a call from the company telling them Chicco was dead.

Daniel added: “My wife received a call from Mr Telfer who just said ‘Chicco’s dead, another dog picked him up and threw him and broke his neck, these things happen’.

“He was unapologetic about Chicco dying in their care and even tried to blame us for not having him castrated. He said he provoked the other dogs.”

The RSPCA are investigating the case. Mr Telfer, who runs Local People for Local Pets, yesterday defended the company.

He said: “There was a little disturbance and poor Chicco was there on the floor. It’s such a shame.

“He never should have been with other dogs because he was a hot blooded male.

“He was such a small dog, with all the urges of a bigger dog. It is likely his urges could
have set off the other dogs. We are covered by liability insurance.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    RIP CHICCO. We love you loads Xxxxx Miss you loads too Xxx

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