Couple banned from Wetherspoon’s because they complained about a HAIR in their meal

March 7, 2013 | by | 26 Comments

A couple who complained when they found a hair in their food in a Wetherspoon’s pub are outraged after being banned for reporting the mistake.

David and Margaret Boyd, both 66, discovered a 10inch long blonde hair in his pork dinner at the Weeping Ash in St. Neots, Cambs.

The pair, who eat in the pub every fortnight, complained on the spot to the pub manager and got their money back for David’s meal.

When they were home they called the pub owners to make a official complaint and were stunned when a letter arrived four days later banning them from the premises.

David, of Alconbury, Cambs., said: “We visit St Neots every two weeks to go shopping before eating at the Weeping  Ash – but this was one of those meals to forget.

“My wife discovered a long blonde hair in my food and we flagged this up with the management. They offered to reimburse my meal but they did not reimburse my wife’s.

“When I got home I rang the customer services department at Wetherspoon’s and told them what had happened.

“But to my amazement four days later we had a letter through the post which said I would no longer be welcome in the pub. We were stunned.”

A Wetherspoon spokesman said: “Our manager asked that Mr Boyd be barred from the pub and this was communicated in a letter from Wetherspoon customer services.

“The manager had good reason to bar him and we fully support his decision – we will not comment further on the matter.”

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  1. paddy says:

    hi, just read about your problem with wetherspoons and what a shock, we went to the hippodrome in march, cambs. and they got our meal wrong so we asked to speak to the manager who was very rude to us, so we complained to customer service and yes we are now banned too!!!

    • Gina says:

      My daughter was caught in the gardens of weatherspoons in saffron walden she was 17 and was drinking coke the manager took a dislike to my daughter and said she was drinking alcohol, as I said she was not ! It seems she disliked my daughter because she is dating an ex employee who the manager disliked because he spoke his mind . My daughter stayed away until she was 18 . We was having a family meal when the same manager approached my daughter and said she was banned for 6 months . .??? She was not happy but again she stayed away for 6 months . When she went in there the other day she was told she was barred for life ?? When I asked her what she had against my daughter she said that she could do what she liked as she was manager ! . I have a friend who works behind the bar and said she loves to bar people because it gives her power , surely this is unfair , just because she does not like someone she can bar them . I tried to complain but it’s impossible no one wants to know .

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think wither spoons are a law to themselves they need to review their policies and procedures whichtheydont to be blunt their shit

  3. Anonymous says:

    A new Wetherspoons has just opened in our Selby and overall is very good and friendly but why oh why can’t the food served be hot and why should you have chicken tasting gravy with roast beef? Never have that problem wit the Punch Bowl in York food always hot not so the Posterngate though.

  4. Louise says:

    Read ur story and the same happend to me I was 4mths pregnant at the time and was having my normal breakfast in the great Harry weather spoons in woolwich London
    I found a grey hair in my friends toast and I took it back and asked for another one ( did not get my money ) and no fuss about ur was made, but then to find when we went in there the following week we was barred , and don’t no how they can be aloud to bar people for making a compliant instead of dealing with the issue

  5. Just Me says:

    Wetherspoons customer service is non existent. I to was banned from my local pub for no good reason and head office said it’s the managers decision. Ridiculous!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Free feed back: Just serve the food HOT!!HOT!!HOT!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    To Whateverspoons,
    Free feed back: Just serve the food HOT!!HOT!!HOT!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hi just been to our local wetherspoon and been barred never been barred before we are in our 50s and 60s bit of a shock they said we swore at the bar staff none of my friends would ever do that we are all respectable people who work in customer relations and would never ever swear at staff think the staff need to learn some customer care skills if they were a member of my staff they would be looking at a disciplinary, but like a previous comment on its up to the managers discretion lets see if I get I reply to my complaint, not holding my breath looking back at previous comments that have been posted they seem to think they are always wright!

  9. anonymous at present. says:

    i have a complaint logged about 2 memmbers of staff about rudness to myselelf and embarrising friends we will see where thier loyaltys lie. i will continue at present.and offered to talk with managment and those involved in private.we will see thier response..

  10. chris says:

    Me and my friend were banned for asking for our money back after they telling us they did not have my drink in stock.It appears success has resulted in total arrogance.

  11. Anonymous says:

    The manager refused to serve me last night, don’t know why, thought I was drunk! I’ve got false teeth! They can ban me won’t be going in there anymore, the food is absolutely atrocious, always cold! Am going to report him

  12. Anonymous says:

    got banned from the neath branch for asking a question about the coffee.

  13. Anonymous says:

    My mum and dad ran up a tab in their local wether spoons. At the end of the visit my dad handed over his credit card in order for the staff member to take payment and received the card back. He is a regular customer and well known there, on his next visit, all well and good but the visit after that he was apprehended by a staff member and told he was not allowed to leave the premises until he had paid the previous bar tab bill. It turned out that the staff member had returned his card without charging it. He paid the bill and he and my mum have now been barred.

    Halfway through this situation my girlfriend and I joined them as we had arranged to meet, we too were refused service as we were considered part of the group.

    We are very disappointed by this whole experience which was deeply embarrassing as it was conducted with the use of burly doormen in front of a busy pub.

    We have sent a letter of complaint to their head office although not expecting any change or apology for a matter which was after all, their mistake. What an ignorant and insensitive organisation they are they don’t deserve success what with the belligerent and oafish way they treat their customers but I guess they are such a large company they just don’t care.

  14. Miss a shimmon says:

    I went to wetherspoons in Solihull the breakfast I ordered came without toast which is normally included in other weather spoons breakfast and have the cheek to charge 75p slice just shows you solihull is all about money and I thought it was a dive compared to others I have been to

  15. Anonymous says:

    Quite agree there is a problem with the food being hot. Though I must say when you tell them it is not very hot they take it away and replace with a hot meal.

    Seriously think though this is a problem and needs to be looked at as there must be a lot of wastage not to mention time wasting.

  16. hilary says:

    I googled this so I could find a way to complain about the rudeness of the staff at the New Barnet, London, branch. But it seems if I complain, ill get barred! Wow. Reading these stories makes me realise how futile it would be. I am very disappointed. I used to work with Weatherspoons years ago when the chairman was a nice chap who seemed to care about the brand, but I guess things have changed since then. I cant risk being barred as its my work local and my colleagues and I go in there for lunch. But the breakfast staff are really hostile and seems this will not change

  17. Anonymous says:

    Just written a complaint about the one on princes street Manchester looking at the above comments instead of an apology will probably get a banning order

  18. simon says:

    it must be a wetherspons thing,my local wetherspoons barrs customers for complaining too !
    a pensioner was barred for complining about coffee machine being turned off when is wife wanted a coffee.
    the companys attitude to customers is apaling

  19. kanye west says:

    i want to complain about 2 pubs in glasgow the counting house and the crystal palace , i mean really, the first one takes the biscuit, the counting house, everything is here you need to know about this fucking hole, have been a customer here for many many years, but that goes for nothing,, things to know about the counting house, they serve you flat pints of beer and left over pints topped up with beer from the tap which you don,t want (“) the staff are all ignorant bastards with attitude, when i complained about the point of slops and asked to be given what i,m paying for,…. what i paid for in the first place, the barmans attitude was “quote “if you want??” very cheekily and at one point he started to get aggressive with me like he was going to assault me i saw it in his face the fat bastard, this fool is obviously retarded, the crytal pace is purely transperant, slops , food dusted off and recycled(REMEMBER THE FAMOUS PRE LOADED RECYCLED CHIPS,TOMATO KETCHUP ON CHIPS INCIDENT HO HO HO HO) ,and served as freshly cooked, i mean, i, writing to the food standards agency even as we speak ,these toilet pot dung holes are a zika virus health hazard and need to be shut down, the staff are ignoramuses and the service is dire to say these least at times, i,m totally digusted, the staff approach you like they don,t like you for some reason known only to them,and ,i, quite frankly appalled to say the least, WORD OF ADVICE TO TIM WETHERSPOON, SACK THE MANAGERESS OF THE COUNTING HOUSE AND REVIEW YOUR STAFF ARRAGEMENTS,YOU KNOW IT MAKES SENSE)

  20. kanye west says:

    can,t blame you for complaining mate , they are dives pure and simple submarine uboating dives, and good riddance to the poor service and embarrassing ugly barmen that haunt the place,one hellish dumpo that won,t be missedo.

  21. Kier says:

    seems to be the norm at these places, to get barred, it has got to be the ‘Allied Carpets’ Customer service, they thought you can’t upset and antagonise all the people in the UK, Look at what happened to them sank sold for £1 plus debts, you’re Lucky if you’ve not had a bad experience at a wetherspoons, what kind of establishment takes your money gives you bad service, food and attitude, if you complain at pub level , banned, complain to head office, they are the only retail pub chain who only uses correspondence to answer your complaint, send lip service replies, if you question their reply, shut you down by banning you from the pub you complained about and saying it is their final reply and they won’t reply, legalised robbery of you complain, what kind of establishment offers a contract of supplying food and drink, gives you sub standard fayre and you are insulted not only by junior duty managers but by supposed customer services, retail highway robbery, how they get away with it beggars belief.

  22. Shirly says:

    My son worked for them.
    They are rubbish.
    We ate in a Manchester branch. This was last night.
    The food was awful.
    We couldn’t actually find anyone to complain to so left.

  23. Gina says:

    Saffron walden weatherspoons needs a new manager!! , she commented how she loves to bar people because it gives her power !

  24. Joe says:

    The Wetherspoons in Hatfield banned a depressed person for calling the people because they felt suicidal….I guess if I was in one of their pubs, I would feel the same…

    Seriously, that’s kicking someone when they are down. Apparently they had to ‘protect’ their staff. Er, why? Is someone depressed going to turn into a mad axe killer?

  25. Vitalij says:

    6 days ago visited The Regal Wetherspoon pub in Cambridge with 3 friends. Security forced us to leave without finishing our drinks (coffee) because one of us didn’t have id and it was 9 o’clock. Security didn’t want to accept railway card as id and when we asked “Would you accept photo from my phone?” he answered “I have a lot of photos on my phone too, would you like to see some”? And then we were forced to leave. And on our way back that evening we passed the pub again and saw a security guy pushing a customer out from the pub and dragging him on the floor. Never seen that attitude to customers in England before. It’s just unbelievable. And after searching for some reviews about this place, i can see that that is very normal for this pub! Avoid at all costs!

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