Council morons paint double yellow lines on walkway too NARROW for a car

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Barmy council workers painted two sets of double yellow lines along this tiny road – which is TOO NARROW for a car.

Motorists in Nottingham were baffled when the lines appeared along the 136cm wide lane, which is actually a CYCLE PATH.

The average width of a five door hatchback such as a Vauxhall Corsa is 173.7cm, meaning even the smallest models can’t use make of the road.

Double yellow lines painted on a cycle track in Nottingham that's too narrow for cars to even drive down

Double yellow lines painted on a cycle track in Nottingham that’s too narrow for cars to even drive down

However the council insist the lines are necessary to protect cyclists.

Caroline Nash, service manager for traffic and safety from Nottingham City Council, said: “We realise how this may look peculiar to the casual observer, but we are committed to making Nottingham accessible and safe for cyclists.

“Sadly, sometimes drivers park half or wholly on pavements making it difficult for cyclists and pedestrians.

“For the avoidance of doubt and so that we can enforce the restrictions, we have placed yellow lines on both sides of the track.

“This covers the whole area from the centre line of the track all the way back to the building line.

“We hope this prevents further parking in this area and keeps things accessible for cyclists and pedestrians.”

But Tim Garratt, director of a property advising firm which faces the road, said:
“Parking in Nottingham is bad enough but this is just bonkers.

“Clearly anyone who could wedge a car in that gap deserves a ticket.

“But when you look I’m not even sure a smart car could find its way in there.

“I just think that it is rules gone mad and clearly a waste of time and money.

“People are being pushed into car parks because free areas are constantly being restricted

“Some of the car parks are ridiculously expensive and a lot of people don’t see they have any other choice but to use them.

“Parking in the city needs to be made easier or else we will start pushing people away.”

*Only the world’s smallest car could fit down the road – the Peel P50, which is just 99cm wide.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is not that daft – Some idiot drivers will park in the most stupid of places without any regard for anyone else!

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