Convicted Prostitute Jailed After Breaching Her ASBO – By Visiting Her 90-Year-Old Sugar Daddy

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Recent police mugshot of Terri-Lee Pearce.

Recent police mugshot of Terri-Lee Pearce.

A convicted prostitute has been jailed after breaching her ASBO ten times in three weeks – to visit her 90-year-old “sugar daddy”.

Terri-Lee Pearce, 33, has been repeatedly banned from visiting Allan Thipthorpe at his council flat.

She has been accused of fleecing him of thousands of pounds and his family and officials have tried to stop them seeing each other.

But Allan himself has denied she’s done anything wrong – previously saying they are ”at it like rabbits”.

Allan was livid when officials obtained an ASBO in 2013 preventing her from visiting him at his home in Swindon., Wilts.

The council’s intervention came despite the frail pensioner’s claims that Pearce was ‘cleaning’ for him and acting as his ‘carer’.

Pearce, of Swindon, Wilts., was spared jail in September for breaching her ASBO six times between July 11 and August 23 this year.

But magistrates in Chippenham., Wilts., did impose a 12-week prison sentence which they suspended for 12 months.

Terri-Lee Pearce pictured in 2013 aged 30 with Allan Thipthorpe.

Terri-Lee Pearce pictured in 2013 aged 30 with Allan Thipthorpe.

She has now been jailed for 12 weeks for her latest breach which included visiting the pensioner ten times in three weeks over the Christmas period.

Speaking when the ASBO was originally imposed, furious Allan said: “This is just a load of nastiness.

”The council don’t want you to enjoy yourself. I can do what I like, it’s my money.

“Blokes like ladies who are a bit cheesy and the ladies don’t. It’s jealousy. She’s young and she’s got nice legs.

“I’ve not got long to go, have I? I’m still attracted to ladies.

“I got that young girl to try to do me a job as, you know, my carer. I think I’m entitled to that.”

Ex-serviceman Mr Thipthorpe had previously told local authority officers that people are just jealous of his relationship with a much younger woman.

And he allegedly told bank staff that they were “at it like rabbits” and she provided him with Viagra to fuel their encounters.

Terri-Lee Pearce pictured from left in 2003 aged 20 in 2013 aged 30 and recently aged 33

Terri-Lee Pearce pictured from left in 2003 aged 20 in 2013 aged 30 and recently aged 33

Previously a judge imposed an indefinite ASBO banning Pearce from going near the OAP or entering any of the 32 council-run sheltered housing schemes in the town.

But in March, Pearce, of Woodsman Road, broke the ban when she was spotted leaving the widower’s home in Swindon, Wilts., at 6.45am.

She then turned up again – this time with two friends – after staff had changed Mr Thipthorpe’s door locks but she was able to to get inside when he gave her a new key.

Pearce has previously claimed her relationship with the OAP was not sexual.

But in court she has previously admitted he was her “sugar daddy” and received money to “help with the cleaning”.

Terri-Lee Pearce pictured in 2013 aged 30.

Terri-Lee Pearce pictured in 2013 aged 30.

PC Jess Swanborough said today (Fri): “Thanks to a close working relationship with our partner agencies we managed to arrest and successful charge this persistent offender.

“This proves that we take any breach of ASBOs seriously, the message to anyone considering this is: ‘if you have one and breach it, you will be caught and punished.”

Pearce breached her ASBO ten times between December 9 last year and January 4, and was arrested for these breaches, as well as for spitting at a police officer.

She appeared at Chippenham Magistrates on January 12 where she was handed a six-month sentence to run concurrently with a previous suspended sentence.

Pearce was also ordered to pay compensation of £50 and a surcharge to fund victim services of £115.

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