‘Made in Chiana’: The spelling mistake that snared a con man selling fake football shirts on eBay

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A con artist who netted nearly £250,000 by selling fake football shirts on eBay was caught after one buyer spotted a label which read ”Made In Chiana”.

Paul Potter, 48, made nearly a quarter of a millions pounds from the scam – but has now been told to pay back just over £1,000.

Potter sourced bogus Premier League shirts from China then flogged them online – selling one every hour and spending the cash on luxury holidays.

A con man has been jailed after selling fake football shirts on eBay

A con man was caught after selling fake football shirts on eBay

But he scored an own-goal by supplying a Chelsea top that was so sub-standard it bore a label saying: “Made in Chiana”, Plymouth Crown Court heard.

The female recipient was so miffed she called Trading Standards and more than 2,000 similar fakes were found during a raid on Potter’s home in Plymouth, Devon.

Despite the money he made a Proceeds Of Crime hearing was told Potter’s ”realisable” assets were worth just £1,002.75.

Potter was handed a suspended ten-month prison sentence last year for the scam, which earned him £224,657 over two years.

Richard Green, senior Trading Standards officer for Plymouth City Council, said: ”He had a lifestyle well beyond his income,

”It was one of the biggest seizures, if not the biggest seizure, of counterfeit clothing I’ve ever made from a residential property.”

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