Computer geek who advertised birthday party online was swamped with 1,000 revellers and sernaded by ALESHA DIXON

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A computer engineer who advertised his birthday party online attracted more than 1,000  revellers – including Alesha Dixon, a court heard.

Ollie Boorman posted details of his 21st birthday do on Facebook and Twitter in a bid to boost guest numbers.

He dubbed the bash ”Project XXX” – after a 2012 film about a young man who tries to improve his social standing with a wild party.

The house where  Ollie Boorman held his 21st party and more than 1,000 people turned up after he advertised it on social networking sites

The house where Ollie Boorman held his 21st party and more than 1,000 people turned up after he advertised it on social networking sites

Ollie held the party while his parents were on holiday in Dubai but news of the event went viral and more than 1,000 out of control party-goers showed up, a court heard.

He was left was stunned when a thousand strangers from as far away as Manchester descended on his parents home in Tewin, Herts.

Britain’s Got Talent judge Alesha Dixon even arrived at the chaotic rave and personally serenaded him with a rendition of ”Happy Birthday”.

The party ran “way out of hand” and neighbours flooded police with reports of thefts, smashed cars, and fighting.

Officers were forced to close the whole street leading to Boorman’s house because of the traffic congestion caused by the huge number of revellers.

The computer engineer was desperate to boost his popularity and wanted guests at his party while his parents were away

The computer engineer was desperate to boost his popularity and wanted guests at his party while his parents were away

Police were called to the raucous scene at 11pm, just three hours after the party started, and eventually managed to shut the party down.

Boorman was given a community order and a #500 compensation bill after admitting causing a public nuisance at St Albans Magistrate Court.

Speaking after the case, Chief Insp Dave Wheatley from Hertfordshire Constabulary said officers had been forced to call for back up from officers 30 miles away.

He said: “Although large numbers of people confirmed their attendance before the event, Boorman made no attempt to cancel the party, despite concerns raised by local officers.

“Throughout the evening we had to draft in officers from areas as far as Watford to deal with crimes, such as damaged vehicles and thefts, as well as anti-social behaviour, and this caused significant disruption to operational policing in the county.

Alesha Dixon attended the party

Alesha Dixon attended the party

“We felt it right to pursue a charge of public nuisance and I am pleased Boorman acknowledged his wrong-doing and pleaded guilty.

“I hope this sentence acts as a deterrent to anyone else looking to organise such a large gathering without putting in place proper measures.”

The court heard Boorman asked his pals to promote his birthday ahead of the party on September 29, expecting up to 200 guests to attend.

But on the night of the party, the host was stunned when more than 1,000 revellers arrived, including former Strictly Come Dancing star Alesha Dixon, 33.

Hertfordshire Police were called to the party at 11pm – just three hours after it started.

Officers had to close the B1000 at 1.50am and launched a major operation to control the event as the number of revellers grew.

Police also received reports of a number of thefts, damaged cars and noise levels and litter strewn across the road and gardens.

Boorman admitted the party had got “way out of hand,” the court heard.

In a hearing held on Friday, magistrates ordered Boorman to pay #85 court costs and made subject to a curfew for eight weeks between 8pm and 6am at St Albans.

It is understood the party was inspired by Hollywood film Project X – which sees an unpopular teenager throw a party in a bid to boost his popularity.

In the film released in March this year the party organiser also ended up in court after things got out of hand.

Speaking in September a few days after the party Boorman said: “It was my 21st Birthday and I invited a few friends, we didn’t want it that big but it went that big.

“It went really well, for the amount of people here, there wasn’t any trouble.

“I told my parents I was having a party and I said about 200 people would be here, I did one for my 18th but this one got way out of hand.

“I got word that people were coming from London, South End and Manchester. There was a lot of people from the whole Hertfordshire area.”

The full charge admitted by Boorman was one count of causing a nuisance to the public by advertising a 21st birthday party on Twitter.

Alesha Dixon, who lives in Welwyn Garden City, Herts., was today unavailable for comment.

But her manager Malcolm Blair said as far as he was aware she had attended the party, but did not stay for long.

He said: “From what I understand she went to the party with a family member or friend.

“When she got there she realised it was not the sort of party she wanted to be at and left.”

Ollie Boorman lives with his mother Karen, 49, who works in retail, father Clive, 52, and brother James, 18.

A neighbour, who asked not to be named, said: “There was a lot of debris left over the next morning.

“If it was my child I would probably think the sentence was a bit harsh. But I do understand why the police and the judge took it seriously.

“It is a safety issue having that many people arriving at the train station and all collecting at the house.

“With the new technology nowadays you can have anarchy in moments – like the London riots.

“I am sure Ollie did not expect that many people to show up, but once it is on the internet loads of people can find out about it.

“They are a perfectly nice family and good neighbours.”

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