How does compression clothing actually work?

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During the past few years we’ve seen plenty of weird and wonderful innovations in sport. From the all-in-one suit worn by Kathy Freeman in the Sydney Olympics through to the modern track bikes that are so lightweight you could pick them up with one finger, new technology has been utilised to give sportsmen and women everything they could need to reach the ultimate level in their chosen fields.

Footballers are always on the lookout for the best pair of boots; cricketers want the best bats and racing drivers want the cars that will give them the best speed and grip at all times. Us mere mortals, however, just want something that can help us feel like the professionals, whether it’s the same pair of boots worn by our heroes or a form of clothing they wear. Many sportsmen and women wear garments underneath their team kit, known as compression clothing. Examples , if you haven’t seen it, can be found at

How does compression clothing actually work?

How does compression clothing actually work?

These items of clothing that range from shirts to calf guards are designed to help keep the athletes in peak condition whether they’re an amateur or a professional. To anyone who hasn’t had the opportunity to put wear one of these items and experience why they’re different from any other forms of sports clothing, there’s a common question: How do they actually work?

Compression clothing is designed to help improve performance, prevent injury and speed up an athlete’s recovery times. The clothing is worn close to the skin so there is constant pressure on the muscle or joint, and they are always kept warm which is where the benefits arise. By keeping the muscles warm, blood flow is increased and lactic acid is removed from the muscles, to reduce fatigue and subsequently improve physical performance and endurance.

The clothing is made from scientifically developed materials that help to regulate the temperature of the body, remove sweat from the skin on warm days and increase heat generation on cold days (according to which version you buy) so the body can keep going for longer.

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