Don’t know what to do with your old wedding dress? Company launches service turning them into KEEPSAKES

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Newlywed brides can hold on to their beloved wedding dresses – thanks to a company that turns them into keepsakes.

LoveKeepCreate turns cherished old wedding dresses into handmade items for the home

LoveKeepCreate turns cherished old wedding dresses into handmade items for the home

LoveKeepCreate have now launched a service that transforms the white dress into handmade items such as personalised blanket, teddies, dolls, pillows, keyrings and bears.


Merry Whitaker, one of the co-founders of LoveKeepCreate, said: ‘Many brides can’t bear to sell their wedding dress but won’t wear it again so it just ends up in the back of a wardrobe unseen.

‘Our wedding keepsake set gives brides the chance to see their dress daily by turning it into a gorgeous blanket for their marital bed and a doll or bear wearing a miniature version of the dress. It’s a beautiful daily reminder of their big day.’

Merry set up the firm in 2013 with ex-army pal Rachel Day when they spotted a gap in the market to turn outgrown baby clothes into keepsakes mums could treasure.

The company, based in Devon, is now branching into other keepsake areas including bridal gowns and remembrance dolls for sorely missed relatives and friends.

Happy customer Toni, who had her dress transformed as a first anniversary present, said, ‘The doll is absolutely beautiful. It looks exactly like my dress in every way, LoveKeepCreate have got it to absolute perfection. I can’t thank them enough.’

Each item takes about six hours to complete featuring extraordinary attention to detail. For example, the dolls can have hair colour and styles matching the bride’s on her big day or a mini garter discretely hidden beneath the dress.

They also include personalisation with embroidery of the wedding date, venue or bride and grooms initials.

The company suggests that brides choose a blanket and either a doll or bear for £145 to ensure maximum use is made of the wedding dress fabric, but the items can be purchased individually for £80 plus P&P at £7.50.

The fabric from the groom’s waistcoat could also be incorporated to create a ‘his and hers’ doll set.

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