Company makes leotards for dogs to help prevent shedding hair

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A company has come up with an innovative way to prevent dogs shedding their fur around the house – skin-tight LEOTARDS.

Shed Defender is a form-fitting and stylish jump suit which promises to banish doggy hair from cars and homes.

A cross between superhero costumes and 80s aerobics gear, the puppy outfits come in a bright range of colours and sizes to suit every pooch.


The lightweight, breathable and eco-friendly fabric is said to be safe and comfortable for the dog.

They can also be used to keep dogs warm in the winter and protect them from flying insects, ticks, or plants that might irritate them on a country walk.

swns_dog_leotards_12Tyson Walters, founder of US-based Shed Defender, said: “The idea came to me about six or seven years ago.

“I had this huge St. Bernard Harley, and i just couldn’t control her shedding. No matter how much I brushed and groomed her, she still left tumbleweeds of hair everywhere.

“I looked around on the internet and dog stores and i couldn’t find a solution to my product, so i decided to make one.

swns_dog_leotards_09“After four years of making prototypes and testing, i finally had a product that we could sell online in eight sizes and seven colours.

“People love the idea, love the look, and it is a head turner. People always take pictures of my own dog Harley when she’s wearing it and ask where they can get one. Hot pink is one of our hottest selling colours, its fashionable!

“There’s only been one dog I couldn’t put it on, and this is after thousands of fittings with other dogs. The dog didn’t like its paws touched!

“My next big step is to get licenses for sport teams and make custom ones with logos. You can buy a white one and draw on it, or pin stuff to it to make costumes for Halloween.”

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