Comic Fundraiser for Cancer Charity Juggles Babies

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Most entertainers who take on a challenge to raise money for cancer research don’t commit to an all year round, 365 day challenge. But then, most entertainers don’t juggle toilet paper, juggle while bungee jumping or juggle while scuba diving either.

James Bustar, the UK born comic juggler who made a splash in his new home of Australia is performing such a challenge in aid of Cancer Research UK.

juggleThe 29 year old entertainer has seen many friends and family adversely affected by cancer. Since 26th September, 2015 he’s been juggling everything from samurai swords to children – and has videos of them all to prove it.

“I want to make this a fun series of events to bring some joy to people who don’t normally have something to smile about when they hear the word ‘cancer’. My aim is to generate $10,000 in funding for Cancer Research UK and to raise some awareness along the way. As you can tell from the challenge videos I share on social media and my website, I’m having a lot of fun doing this, and seeing a lot of my home in the UK. Although professionally I do juggle across both Australia and Europe.”

Bustar challenges the public to get involved and has placed a special button high up on the challenge website at where you can nominate objects for James to juggle. Nappies, fish and dildos make up part of the bizarre list of objects the public want to see him juggle.

The nomination page includes links to where you can tweet to him, find him on Facebook or post a pic of what you want to see him juggle on Instagram.

Follow #365DAYJUGGLE for trending pictures and video of the event.

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