Clockwork Creatives launches the Small Business Programme

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Clockwork Creatives announce the launch of the Small Business Programme. Aimed at the SME market, the Small Business Programme helps guide companies through the rapidly changing digital marketing landscape to optimise content creation and drive results. It aims to bring many of the digital marketing techniques and approaches that large multinational companies are using within reach of small and medium sized businesses.

The Small Business Programme’s approach is designed, first and foremost, to inform, educate and enlighten businesses on the power of digital marketing and how to take full advantage of it.

clockworkThe Small Business Programme’s unique methodology is aimed at any small to medium enterprise, and has been designed to fit the lifecycle of any business evolving from start-up or business expansion, to significant player in their industry.

The Small Business Programme brings together marketing and digital content expertise into a collection of ‘Frameworks’ and ‘Packages’ which guide businesses in defining their marketing strategy, as well as implementing that strategy through the creation of carefully targeted content.

The Small Business Programme Frameworks comprise a straightforward yet versatile approach to a digital marketing strategy. Whether businesses are bringing a new brand to market, attracting new clients & partners, or expanding their established brand, Frameworks provide a clear navigation through the key decision making stages in their business.
Frameworks encompass Brand Identity, Brand Positioning, Channel Planning, and Marketing & Digital Media Content Strategy; all designed by experts who have been in the industry since the advent of online digital content as a marketing tool.
Together, the Small Business Programme Frameworks help clarify the digital marketing content a business should consider creating to increase their digital presence, build customer relationships and increase market share.

The Small Business Programme Packages are the implementation of the digital marketing strategy; defined by our frameworks, or the business’ in-house marketing team.
They define the digital media assets required to meet a business’s objectives.
Deliverables range from the development of website platforms, brand design, implementation of marketing campaigns through to the creation of a wide range of digital media content. Together, they ensure that marketing campaigns feature the right content to engage the defined target audience and optimise the potential to bring significant growth and sustainability to the business.

Digital Marketing Top Tips
Clockwork Creatives provide an on-going series of Digital Marketing Top Tip short videos covering different aspects of content creation which are available free on their website. These provide an introduction to digital marketing and cover some of the high-level topics businesses should be aware of.

Small Business Programme Overview:

Davin Jeayes, who has many years’ experience as a digital content producer and a background in the television industry, is one of the founders of Clockwork Creatives.

Mr. Jeayes said, “The Small Business Programme is something the SME market has been crying out for in recent years. With demand for original digital content ever increasing amongst consumers, businesses are under increasing pressure to focus their digital marketing budgets on content that resonates with their target audience in unique ways, all whilst operating within budgetary constraints. Clockwork Creatives’ Small Business Programme delivers a powerful new approach to digital marketing enabling businesses to focus their marketing budgets on effective digital content that’s delivered to the right channels for their target audience.”



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