Christian Bale’s mum forced to drop Daybreak appearance

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Jenny Bale, mother of the actor Christian Bale, has been forced to cancel her TV appearance on Daybreak over fears she could be sued.

Christian Bale’s mum forced to drop Daybreak appearance

According to The Mirror, ITV decided to axe her interview because her son is a “very powerful man.”

Jenny has not spoken to Christian since 2008, when he was arrested for attacking her after a furious bust-up.

The charges were dropped but the Oscar winner has since cut all ties with his family.

His sister Sharon told the paper: “[Jenny] got a call from Daybreak saying it was awkward and it hadn’t happened before but they would have to cancel.

“They said he was a very powerful man and they couldn’t proceed.”

She added that the decision was made after producers spoke to Christian’s representatives.

Jenny, 63, from Bournemouth, added: “I’d never say anything bad about Christian. I want to make things better.”

A spokesperson for Daybreak insisted that it had been a purely editorial decision and that they had not spoken to any representatives.

The famous family feud kicked off the night of the Dark Knight premiere in 2008.

Jenny alleges that Christian flew in to a rage when she had her daughters arrived to pick him up from his hotel suite.

She told The Sun: “We were going for dinner. He was running late and kicked off, shouting at us. I’d never seen him lose his temper before.

“If I had done something wrong I would apologise but I really don’t know why it’s all come down to this.”

The Batman star has gained a reputation in Hollywood for his hot-headedness.

During the filming of Terminator: Salvation, he was recorded saying the F- word 35 times during a furious rant at a crew member.

The audio was posted on YouTube and soon became a huge internet hit.

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  1. Barry Mulvany says:

    Every day story of a disturbed so called powerful man.

  2. AKgirl78 says:

    This woman is insane. Why on gods green earth would she think that #1 going to yet another tab rag to SELL her very one sided story would do anything but distance her media shy son further away from her. #2 “I’d never say anything bad about Christian. I want to make things better.” Yup don’t buy it sweetheart. The only thing that ever seems to come out of your mouth lately is exactly that negative BS about your son. And #3 that he has some sort of power to dictate if an interview (that he knew nothing about in the first place stated by the show that canceled it) given by his cow of a mother will or will not air. He’s not crazy town Tom Cruise, give me a freaking break. Get a clue lady you want to mend fences with your kid stop airing your families dirty laundry for all to see.

  3. Ron O'Neal says:

    This woman is a psycho that wants to shake down her son for money. That’s what she and her “darling” daughter tried to do three years ago. What white trash. They were caught lying again for this story, so why would you ever believe a word that comes out of this “clown’s” mouth? Hey lady, shut up.

  4. Sam Hieke says:

    I no jenny bale, she is not not horrible woman she just wants her son back, she is not interested in the money, if he was pocket-less she couldn’t give a crap.

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