Chris Evans: Chris Moyles should quit Radio 1

October 15, 2010 | by | 9 Comments

Chris Evans has told fellow Radio 1 DJ Chris Moyles he should quit his breakfast show role in light of his recent on-air outburst.

Chris Evans has told Chris Moyles he should quit Radio 1

The Radio 2 breakfast host, who took over from Terry Wogan earlier this year, told Richard Bacon that Moyles had “lost perspective” following his 20 minute rant over not being paid by the BBC for two months.

During his on-air tirade last month Moyles told his six million listeners: “I can’t tell you how furious I am. I haven’t been paid since the end of July and no one cares about it. No one’s bothered.”

The outburst led to wide condemnation with viewers venting their anger at the loudmouth DJ on Twitter and other social networks.

Former Radio 1 star Evans slammed Moyles’ approach, saying: “Why do you think you have the right to hijack a BBC microphone to make that complaint?

“Chris has got to go somewhere else.”

He also said the 36-year-old, who is the station’s longest ever serving breakfast host having done the job since 2004, is “way out of the demographic” of Radio 1’s target audience which is 16-29 year olds.

But Evans – who was beaten by Moyles in a recent ‘secret crush poll’ –  had some good news for his rival.

The 44-year-old added: “I think he’ll go to commercial radio, he’ll get a massive pay packet, and I think he’ll do very well.”

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  1. Gracie_girl says:

    Chris Moyles is quite funny, but all the stupid games that they fill air time with is boring and they should play more music. I begrudge my taxes going to his mates that he employs, is the extremely uncomedic inappropriately named ‘comedy dave’.

  2. Katechickcooke says:

    On the whole I enjoy the show, however there have been a few occasions when I’ve had to switch off purely because Chris is ranting. It winds me up to listen to him complaining because it’s as if no-one else ever experiences anything in the same way to him. His problems are bigger than everyone elses and we all have to endure them with him. That’s not entertainment. He should stick to what he’s good at rather than indulging himself.

  3. K Raby says:

    I think Chris Moyles is past it I often switch over because he is talking about himself and some boring stuff that he has decided to rant about, very ofter 30 minutes will pass and they will have only played 1 song, yeasterday he was totally taking the piss out of Justin Timberlake, talking in a stupid camp way, he is just soooo rude, arrogant and has such a high opinion of himself it untrue.

    • D Tate37 says:

      Totally agree with everything you have said, I turn off in the morning and back on again when he has finished, I even thought about listening to a full show of his, counting the amount of FULL tracks he played and comparing to another DJ on for the same amount of air time and I can bet my house on the other DJ will play far more tunes and be a lot more entertaining.

  4. Geofft King says:

    Chris Evans is talking rubbish Chris Moyles is still Britans best Radio Presenter he and Scot Mills are the BBcs only quality DJs.

  5. Ren says:

    I actually like that they dont play much music as they Radio 1 playlist is awful! He is the only one on Radio 1 I listen to and I turn off when he is on holiday as Scott Mills is terrible. It is a bit bad to not be paid for 2 months and its not really an appropriate discussion to have on air but I’d be well píssed off if I wasn’t paid

  6. Leeiain2002 says:

    Well if anyone should go its chris evan’s i can not stand him i never liked him on 4 breakfast and to be honest i would rather have the torture of watching mr jemermy kyle 24 7 then put up with him for a few hours. ! so wot if chris had a rant on the radio about wages how many people can honestly say that they have never done that.I love our moyles in the moring as a van driver i alway tune in but if chris goes then i think that radio will lose a good dj, come on people he’s human just like the rest of us

  7. Lee says:

    Chis Evens is the biggest waste of bbc money ever send him back to vigin where he belongs

  8. Chris Evans is showing his green eyes I think!!!!!! Get over it!

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