Chris Brown avoids charges over ABC window-smashing meltdown

March 24, 2011 | by | 2 Comments

Chris Brown has been let off the hook for yesterday’s violent outburst on ABC after TV bosses confirmed they will not be pressing charges against him.

Chris Brown avoids charges over ABC window-smashing meltdown

The singer showed his recent anger management classes may not have worked that well when he flew into a rage over an interviewer’s questions regarding his 2009 attack on then-girlfriend Rihanna.

After filming stopped, he is thought to have smashed his dressing room window with a chair before running in to the street bare-chested.

But law enforcement officials told gossip site that they will not be investigating the incident because there is no complaining victim.

Chris will no doubt be breathing a sigh of relief as he still on probation for attacking the R’n’B star, meaning that any prosecution would be likely to result in jail.

During the Good Morning America interview, viewers saw Chris becoming agitated when anchor Robin Roberts asked him about the terms of his recently-relaxed restraining order on Rihanna.

He skirted the questions, describing it as “not really a big deal for me now.”

Then, according to witnesses, Chris stormed off stage after performing his new single and began screaming.

He destroyed his dressing room window with a chair, leaving glass strewn over the pavement outside.

According to The Mirror Chris, who underwent a series of anger management and therapy sessions following his attack on Rihanna, has agreed to seek further help “to address his temper issues.”

Let’s hope they’re a bit more successful this time.

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  1. Gordon says:

     Any normal yob would get time in the clink, but a mentally disturbed rich playboy gets a free pass.  What a joke the U.S. legal system is.

    • Kommon sense says:

      It’s lik this all over the world man, the rich and/or famous get what they want because somewhere down the line someone else is benefiting from it.

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