Chocolate taster has world’s sweetest job

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There are some demanding careers out there, and someone has to do them…

Meet the man with the world’s sweetest job – ‘Chief Chocolate Taster’ for a string of confectioners.

Angus Kennedy, 46, spends up to three hours-a-day sampling new product ranges and ‘concept’ bars.

The dad-of-four gobbles up to half a KILO of white, dark and milk chocolate every day – in addition to ”dozens” of toffees, fudges and other candies.

But despite ‘working’ for less than 15 hours per week – and having ”free chocolate for life” – he insists the task is not as easy as it sounds.

It also poses two obvious health hazards – bad teeth and weight gain.

Angus, who lives in Tonbridge, Kent, said: ”Eating chocolate for a living sounds like a dream job and, to some extent, it probably is.

”But it still has its downsides. For starters, I have to visit the dentist once-a-month, and I have to watch what else I eat to control what could be an ever-expanding waistline.

”I’m also responsible for identifying subtle flavours, textures and smells, before deciding which creations are good enough for the customers.”

Angus, the editor of Kennedy’s Confection magazine, has more than 20 years’
experience in the chocolate trade.

In that time, he claims to have tasted ”well in excess of” 20,000 types of chocolate from all over the world.

He splits his working week between tasting new chocolate ranges, and writing about them in the magazine.

A number of manufacturers now know him as their ‘Chief Chocolate Taster’ and rely on his experience to sample new treats ahead of production.

He provides them with a detailed report, which includes his suggestions about improving flavour, texture or aroma.

Angus said: ”It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it.”

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  1. Robin Maner says:

    Well, there’s no doubt that being a chocolate tester is one of the best jobs in the world. You really have to look out for cavities, though. Perhaps the best way to avoid messing up your dental health is to brush after every taste. Hehe! And visiting your dentist 2 or 3 times annually.

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