Children’s encyclopedia website invites youngsters to send in tricky questions

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QParents (and even teachers!) flummoxed by their kids’ impossible-to-answer questions can breathe a sigh of relief – children’s online encyclopedia Q-files is coming to the rescue.

The website – one of the most popular fact-finding sites for children – will provide answers to tricky questions on a wide range of subjects including science, nature, history and geography via its new Q-&-A feature.

Everyone is invited to submit questions via the “contact us” page on the site, or by emailing: Experts from Q-files will then select the most interesting questions and publish answers on the site. These will form a permanent part of the encyclopedia.

Q-files kicked off the feature with the first two questions “Why is the sea salty?” and “Why do birds sing?”. Visit: to find the answers.

The site, which is run by top children’s reference publisher Orpheus Books, is aimed at children aged 8 to 14 to help them with classroom and homework projects as well as to use just for fun.

Managing Editor of Q-files Nicholas Harris said: “We so often hear of parents, and sometimes even teachers, confounded by children’s weird and wonderful questions. In an age where general knowledge seems to be on the wane the last thing we want to do is discourage such curiosity. So we created the Q-&-A feature to offer a helping hand.”

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