What’s tat? Chery Cole’s latest rose tattoo branded ‘tacky’ by 70 per cent of people

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Cheryl Cole’s huge rose tattoo was today branded ‘tacky’ by the British public.

A poll of 374 adults found 70 per cent don’t approve of the lower-back body art displayed by the sultry Girls Aloud singer in a debut gig in her native Newcastle on Thursday night.

Just 15 per cent said they liked it.

Among the other negative terms used to describe the tattoo were ‘chavvy’, ‘mess’, ‘disgusting’ and even ‘vile’.

The 15 per cent who said they approved used words such as ‘artistic’, ‘beautiful’ and ‘sexy’ to describe it.

Respondents’ positive comments included: ”Amazing. This is such a beautiful tattoo!”

Others said: ”Nice colour and detailing, may not be to everyone’s taste but looks good on her”, and ”If that’s what she likes, then it’s not really anyone else’s business.”

The tattoo, which covers 29-year-old Cheryl’s entire lower back and took the tattooist a staggering 11 hours to complete, is said to be her tenth design.

The study was carried out by OnePoll.com.

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