Cheeky baby put two fingers up at his mum from the womb

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This cheeky baby put two fingers up at his mum before he was even born.

Aimee Ford's 4D scan of her cheeky son Edward (SWNS Group)

Aimee Ford’s 4D scan of her cheeky son Edward (SWNS Group)

Little Edward Worlock made the amusing rude gesture when mum Aimee Ford went for a seven-month 4D scan.

And Aimee and partner Russ Worlock said their three-month-old son has already proved to be a handful since birth.

Aimee, 24, said: “We had a good laugh – we were totally shocked.

“I wanted a hi-tech scan because part of me just didn’t believe I was having a boy.

“But when we saw the image we knew we were having a little boy – and a very cheeky one at that.

“We really had a laugh about it and it means my seven-month scan will always be a memorable one. I just wasn’t expecting it.”

Aimee Ford with her cheeky son Edward (SWNS Group)

Aimee Ford with her cheeky son Edward (SWNS Group)

Mum-of-two Aimee, of Kingswood, Bristol, already has four-year-old Evelyn Ford and gave birth to Edward in November.

She added: “He hasn’t ever really slept properly and has been completely different to Evelyn.

“But then I guess we knew from the scan he was going to be a bit troublesome.”

The scan pictures were taken by Bristol-based Window to the Womb, a studio which gives expectant parents the chance to see their babies in 4D and have videos.

It was launched by Joanna Thorne, 39, and Tim Earney, 45, who have also captured babies doing other amusing things in the womb.

Scans have revealed babies giving the thumbs up, swearing, yawning and doing an ET impression.

The technology can identify the future child’s sex after less than 17 weeks and packages range from £50 to £150.

Parents can take up to 10 people along to watch the event and can even have a keyring of the foetus.

The studio is the eighth of its kind in England and Wales and an additional 50 are expected to open in the next five years.

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