CCTV Shows Hero Chef Disarming Knife Thug In Chinese Restaurant

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CCTV of the man walking out of the kitchen with the knife.

CCTV of the man walking out of the kitchen with the knife.

A hero chef was captured on CCTV disarming a thug who walked into a restaurant kitchen and grabbed an eight-inch KNIFE before attempting to flee.

Yili Yaer bravely tackled the man as he tried to leave Chinese restaurant Karamay, in London Road, Leicester, with the blade.

The 32-year-old chef leapt into action after the Asian man walked into the 40-seater eaterie at about 8.50pm last Friday (16/6) as customers looked on in horror.

Yili, whose sister, Feina Farhad, owns the restaurant, said: “I was busy in the kitchen when this man just walked in and picked up a big knife from the worktop.

“I had just used it to cut some prawn toast.

“He just walked through the restaurant with it.

“I reacted instantly. I knew I had to get the knife off him.

“I was worried he might hurt someone with it.”

“Luckily, I was able to knock the knife out of his hand. I am glad I was able to stop him taking the knife.”

CCTV of the man having the knife grabbed off him.

CCTV of the man having the knife grabbed off him.

After Yili forced the man to drop the knife and pushed him out of the restaurant, while a customer called the police.

Feina, 28, who runs the restaurant with her husband Niyaz, 32, said: “Yili acted like a hero as there were customers in the restaurant.

“My husband, who also works in the kitchen, also ran after the man to help when he realised what was happening.

“We have no idea who this man is or why he just walked in and took a knife like he did.

“He just walked in off the street, walked to the kitchen, took a knife and tried to walk out with it.

“The man did not look normal. I am not sure if he was high on drink or drugs.

“We are glad that Yili acted so bravely and so quickly and that he managed to disarm the man.”

A spokeswoman for Leicestershire Police said: “We were called on Friday to an attempted theft of a knife from a restaurant.

“No-one was injured. Enquiries are continuing into the incident.

“If anyone knows the man in the CCTV footage then they should call us.

“Or if the man in the footage wants to contact is that would be good.”

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