Devout Christian makes modelling debut at London Fashion Week… after being spotted while SHOPPING

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Stunning Vita West, 18, had never even considered modelling when she was approached by a talent scout in the food aisle at her local Co-op. The modest teen was snapped up by top agency IMG, who famously represent Gisele Bunchen. Vita has now been touted for greatness after stepping out onto the catwalk at London Fashion Week for the first time.

Bus company Stagecoach charged disabled man £30 to return HIS lost wallet

September 12, 2013 | by | 1 Comment

Arthur Adlam, 31, left a wallet containing around £225, including his disability allowance, on the seat of a Stagecoach bus.

Teaching assistant sacked for swearing and posting rude picture on Facebook wins £16k for unfair dismissal

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Paula Williams, 45, published the picture of her sucking through a penis straw at a Christmas party.

Teenager, 18, was bullied to death by cruel Facebook taunts from her own FAMILY, claim parents

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Pretty Jasmine Griffiths, 18, was found hanged on bedsheets from a staircase at her home after receiving ‘dozens’ of messages telling her to kill herself. Jasmine’s stepmother Kirsty, 35, said the unnamed bullies continued harrassing Jasmine even when she blocked them and also targeted her friends.

Nicki Minaj spoof song about SKEGNESS becomes overnight viral hit

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The tongue-in-cheek version of the star’s summertime anthem ‘Starships’ has been viewed on YouTube thousands of times.

Paedophile jailed after using cartoon AVATAR to trick American girls into performing sex acts

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A middle-aged paedophile has been jailed for five years for tricking young American girls into performing vile sex acts – while he hid behind a CARTOON AVATAR. Mark Noyes, 46, used social networking sites to groom vulnerable youngsters – some aged just 12 – in the US into thinking they were enjoying a blooming cyber…

Woman who missed the bus lies in the ROAD until it lets her on

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The frustrated female passenger arrived late at a stop just as the double-decker was pulling away.

Couple going on holiday to Spain blame satnav… after it leads them to the WRONG ferry

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Bob and Pat Banks wanted £100 million Pont Aven from Plymouth to Santander in Northern Spain.

‘Car on roof’ student prank explained as boffins recreate the stunt with pulleys and an Austin 7

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A group of engineering undergraduates somehow hoisted an Austin 7 car 70ft into the air in June 1958.

Daredevil filmed climbing 250ft crane before hanging from the top ONE HANDED

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Adrenaline junkie James Kingston, 22, scaled the crane on a building site in Southampton at 5am.

British holidaymakers flying to Spain delayed for three hours while plane’s crew SLEPT

June 3, 2013 | by | 1 Comment

The passengers ere told the crew had been kept awake at their hotel by a wedding party.

Disabled grandmother, 67, is trapped in own home for TWO YEARS because her wheelchair is too WIDE

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Jenny Rigby, 67, is unable to stand due to crippling arthritis, but the doors in her home are 3ins narrower than her wheelchair. Miss Rigby has only left the house once when she was taken to hospital on a stretcher after collapsing at her housing association home in 2010.

Dyslexic girl, 18, predicted to fail English A-Level exam scores top mark in the COUNTRY

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Clever Frederica Drewer, 18, had been told to expect a ‘D’ – until teachers realised she had dyspraxia.

Drug dealer killed new bride and her unborn baby after crashing into them during police chase

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Javad Malik, 25, was fleeing cops when he ploughed into a car being driven by pregnant Ahtia Tabisim, 28.

Charity worker scarred girlfriend for life after battering her in the face with an iPad

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A charity worker who scarred his girlfriend for life by battering her in the face with an IPAD has escaped jail. Luke Taylor, 30, launched the vicious assault on his partner using the £500 tablet device while they were on a camping holiday on July 18, last year. A court heard Taylor was upset after being…

Base jumpers risk their lives plunging off 100ft high jagged gorge

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Onlookers watched in horror as the men jumped from Avon Gorge near Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol.

Woman arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after car crashes into three people

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The 49-year-old was arrested after two men and a ten-year-old boy were injured.