Checkout girl becomes Elsa lookalike from Disney’s Frozen after being spotted in John Lewis

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Alexandra Jenkins, 20, was constantly ‘recognised’ by children and their parents who noticed her uncanny resemblance to the popular Disney Princess. The only way to disguise herself at work is to wear thick spectacles – much like Clark Kent in Superman.

Woman critical after being hit by police car ‘not using sirens’ on 999 call

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Laura McEwan was out celebrating her 33rd birthday with pals when the accident happened as she walked along a busy road. She was rushed to hospital with life-threatening head injuries and more than a week later remains in intensive care in a critical condition.

Stopping flights to Ebola-stricken countries could cripple West Africa’s economy, warns business chief

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Clive Dawson MBE, President of the British Chamber of Commerce in Sierra Leone, said that countries there could lose $32billion by 2015 if airlines are not allowed in.

Teacher forced terminally ill girl, 11, to pull off her wig because it was the wrong COLOUR

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Ashanti Elliot Smith, 11, is one of only two people in the country who suffers from a debilitating condition that has left her trapped inside the body of a pensioner. Terminally-ill Ashanti, who is not expected to reach 16, started to wear a wig to school to hide her bald head caused by alopecia, a side effect of Hutchinson Gildford Progeria. She wanted to start wearing a wig to ”lift her spirits”, make her feel pretty and fit in with the other girls.

Billy Ray Cyrus retweets a picture of Jimmy Savile after being struck by Twitter pranksters

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Twitter pranksters struck again yesterday when Billy Ray Cyrus was tricked into retweeting a picture of JIMMY SAVILE.‘Jake imo’ tweeted the Country and Western star and dad of Miley to say: “Hi pal, it’s my Granddads birthday today and he’s a huge fan. He’d love a RT!”.The cheeky user, who has just 71 followers, attached…

Council caretaker painted ‘Jews Out’ and a Swastika on elderly couple’s home

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Stephen Loosemore, 50, scrawled the message in large letters after a four-year feud with frail Vera Morgan, 84.

Theatre outraged by Gaza conflict refuses to hold a Jewish film festival

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The Tricycle Theatre said they would not hold the annual event while it is sponsored by the Israeli Embassy.

Prince Harry photobombs New Zealand rugby coaches at the Commonwealth Games

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Harry posed in the background of a photo taken of New Zealand rugby sevens coach Gordon Tietjens with former Olympic boxer Trevor Shailer and sports psychologist Gary Hermansson. Harry seemed to be having a great time at Tollcross International Swimming Centre, posing with his mouth open and thumbs up.

Pervert used a hidden iPod to film female colleagues on the toilet

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Robert Kelly pleaded guilty to six voyeurism offences after a plumber discovered his iPod nano strapped under cistern.

Yobs spray paint a seagull YELLOW as a Tour de France prank

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The RSPCA say a seagull became the victim of a Tour de France practical joke after callous yobs covered it – in YELLOW PAINT.Concerned holidaymakers alerted the Scarborough Sea Life Centre, North Yorks., after spotting the bright bird hobbling around the front. The bird had been sprayed yellow – the colour of the famous winner’s…

Cannibal nurse GUILTY of arranging to meet teenager and chop off her head with an AXE

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Dale Bolinger bought an axe with a three foot handle from Homebase on the day before he arranged to meet the 14 year-old victim and posed for a ‘selfie’ with it. Bolinger, 58, boasted about the weapon to the girl called ‘Eva Gonza’ – whose true identity is still unknown – on a website called Dark Fetish Network.

Friends branded racist after ‘blacking up’ as Venus and Serena Williams for carnival parade

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Pub landlord Kevin Stevens and pal Jason Luke decided to enter the festival procession ”at the last minute” – and dressed as the tennis stars. They covered themselves in dark fake tan and wore afro-style wigs and white tennis gear and carried rackets as part of Truro City Carnival, in Cornwall. But Kevin, who runs the Miners Arms, in nearby Redruth, and his mate have been branded racist by organisers and onlookers.

BT phone engineer battered love rival over the head 100 times with a HAMMER

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David Gill, 50, flew into a jealous rage and attacked Ian Cammack, 35, before bludgeoning him to death at his home.

Police officers caught on CCTV watching PORN while a father died in custody cell just feet away

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Lloyd Butler, 39, was arrested on suspicion of being drunk and incapable on August 4, 2010, but died in custody three hours later after suffering a cardiac arrest. A jury inquest heard officers should have taken him to hospital for monitoring but instead took him to Stechford Police Station in Birmingham and dumped him in a cell.

Banksy finally confirms he DID spray spy mural near GCHQ

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The renowned artist admitted on his website that he was responsible for creating the “spybooth” near GCHQ headquarters in Cheltenham, Glos.

Toddler’s rare condition makes his skin look and feel like FISH SCALES

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Daniel Maples, who is 18 months-old, was born with lamellar ichthyosis which causes the skin to become thickened and cracked.

King Charles spaniel survived attack by Bullmastiff because it was too FAT for fangs to get through

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Terrified four-year-old pooch Alfie was repeatedly bitten by the out-of-control mutt in an unprovoked attack outside a school.