Natalie Nason was bullied at school but is now a beauty queen champion

Cheerleader who was bullied at school over a growth on her face is crowned a beauty queen champion

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Natalie Nason, 21, suffered cruel taunts during her teenage years.

Korean cosmetic surgery: So drastic it changes people beyond recognition

February 27, 2015 | by | 1 Comment
Korean plastic surgery often aims to make the patient look more western Many need a certificate after to prove their identity.

Holidays in the UK cost MORE than travelling abroad

August 10, 2015 | by | 1 Comment
Visiting the beach is an ideal summer activity in Britain Nearly three quarters of Brits say they are staying put this summer.

Black Friday UK is Approaching – This is What You Can Expect

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gift-brown-shopping-market If you love shopping and would whole-heartedly take a deal or two, Black Friday is more than what you asked ...

How to choose bridal flowers for a wedding

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Choosing the right bridal flowers for the big day is never easy It’s important to select colours that will reflect the day’s overall tone.

Fashion and lifestyle go hand in hand

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pexels-photo-291762 Is fashion reflected in lifestyle, or vice versa? The answer to this question differs depending on the person answering it ...

How To Get Fit Without Joining A Gym

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pexels-photo-373984 We all know just how important it is to live a fit and healthy lifestyle. The more you exercise, the ...

Don Karl Juravin Fights to Protect The Gastric Bypass ALTERNATIVE from the FTC

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fighting Political persecution endangers future of the regimen that has, and is, saving thousands of lives. Inventor fights back praying for ...

The Benefits Of Bringing Young And Old People Together

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pexels-photo-302083 Bringing young and old people together benefits both generations. Whilst some things remain in the past, brings people together should ...

The Launch of Zizz Fit Home Fitness Set Takes Amazon by Storm

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fitness This Home Fitness Set is all-set to revolutionize the way you fulfill your fitness needs!

6 Ways to Spoil Your Spouse Silly

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pexels-photo-40525 (1) The divorce rate is up. You probably hear this little statistic year after year. Regardless of whether it holds sway ...

Alternative Things to Do With Your Summer

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deckchairs-355596_1280 June and July may have passed but August is just as much a summer month as any, not to mention those ...

Catch 22: The complicated sociopolitics of plastic surgery

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progress-1807541_1280 The concept of ‘growing old gracefully’ is something that most of us happily aspire to. However, the media’s oversaturation of ...

How to choose fertility clinic?

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egg (1) Trying to become pregnant can be a difficult and emotional experience as well as a confusing time. You hear a ...

Professional Wedding Photography | Top Tips For Brides

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bride I have been lucky enough to photograph weddings for over 12 years, I’ve documented days in decorated community halls to white sandy ...

CPR: Why Every Parent Should Know How to Do It

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By Rama (Own work) [CeCILL ( or CC BY-SA 2.0 fr (], via Wikimedia Commons CPR is an important tool that could be the difference between life and death when a victim suffers from cardiac ...

The best golf events to watch in 2017

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pexels-photo-114972 As we stand, at the height of summer, there is still the meat of the 2017 golf season to look ...

The Latest Home Beauty Trends

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woman-girl-beauty-mask There are now so many beauty products on the market that it is hard to keep up with the latest ...

The first ever UK celebration of Streetwear culture hits Shoreditch this September

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swaaf #SWAAF – STREETWEAR & ATHLEISURE FESTIVAL HITS BRICK LANE THIS SEPTEMBER Friday 15 & Saturday 16 September 2017, 11am till 8pm ...

Another incredible side of the homeland of Amadeus

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film Connoisseurs of real art are invited to attend the 2nd Annual Austria International Film Festival on August 4th, 2017 in ...

Friends – 35th Anniversary Tour – featuring new single “The Real Thing”

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shala Shalamar are pleased to announce a huge UK tour from October through to December 2017 to celebrate the 35th anniversary ...