Easy Ways To Improve Your Fitness And Grades At College

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Going to college is a time in your life that will require a lot of mental and physical stamina. College life can quickly become tiring with essays, reports, presentations and exams to study for, and with many students working a part-time job alongside their college degree, you’ll need your strength for taking on paid work…

Are You Looking For A Real Adventure?

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If you’re planning a trip and you want to do something special this year, then have you thought about an adventure style holiday? You don’t have to re-enact scenes from Indiana Jones, but there is a world of exciting adventures out there waiting for you to discover. It can be easy to fall into the…

Are locker raids an invasion of privacy?

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Ah, high school, a period when we were all too untrusting of adults with our belongings. For most, the places we’d keep secret items would be in our desk, backpack, or even a storage closet only we know about. High School is widely seen as a time to hide our flaws, secrets and even our…

How to Get a Better Night’s Sleep for Students

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When you’re studying for a degree, especially a more advanced program such as a master’s degree, you might be feeling like getting a good night’s sleep is a thing of the past. Many students will feel tired regularly, but when you have to complete assignments, attend class, study for exams and conduct independent research along…

Career Options for Holders of a Master’s Degree in History

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Studying for a degree is pretty much obligatory for anyone who wants to get a good job in today’s marketplace, and the standard advice given to those considering which degrees to invest in is to opt for STEM degrees—degrees in science, technology, engineering and math related subjects. The other highly recommended degrees are usually business…

Princess Anne – Princess of Britain

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“Yes, of course” she said as she tilted her head to hold the phone, when asked if she would say a few things on what she had been up to recently. Anne started out working in the City. In the future Anne hopes to start her own company, a consultancy that will be called AnneBlues….

Take A Leek This St David’s Day

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1st March 2017 is St David’s Day, the patron saint of Wales and there’s no better time to celebrate Wales’ most famous (and in-season) food, the humble leek. While many people wear a leek to mark Wales’ national day, you may prefer to chop and cook your leeks instead. If that’s the case then try…

Water Bills Set To Rise By 2% In April

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In an attempt to provide water and utility suppliers with additional income to invest in tackling leakages and flooding in problematic areas, households in England and Wales will see an average increase of £395 for their water over the coming year. According to Water UK, the body that represents sewerage and water companies in the…

Buy, Sell & Exchange Numismatic Items With NumiTrading!

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NumiTrading is launching a brand new numismatic trading platform that lets you buy, sell or exchange numismatic items with ease. Be part of a like-minded community and enjoy meeting new people and fellow traders of coins and bank notes who share your interests. You can contact others through the Trading Directory and if there are…

Could Getting More Sleep Be Better For Your Career?

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Struggling to sleep is often shown as a good thing for entrepreneurs; showing that they’re willing to give up their time resting on order to work on improving their career.

On Average Us Brits Wake Up A Worrying Three Times Per Night

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When it comes to sleeping, you might be fooled to think that us Brits are a lazy nation. However, according to a recent study by Tweak Mattress, a worrying three times is how often we wake up per night – which is probably why we’re so tired throughout the day. The survey found that 11%…

Research Shows People Suffering Poor Sleep Quality Have 94% Increase In The Risk Of Developing Asthma

February 20, 2017 | by | 0 Comments

Despite being a nation concerned with their health, it seems like we’re not willing to invest in our sleeping pattern in order to become healthier. A recent study found that people who reported poor sleep quality more than once a week had a 94% increase in the risk of developing asthma; a breathing condition that…

Having Enough Sleep Is Key To Reducing Risk Of Suffering With Cardiovascular Illnesses

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According to the Sleep Health Foundation, having enough sleep is key to reducing your risk of suffering with damaging cardiovascular illnesses. In fact, ongoing sleep deficiency has been linked to an increased risk of stroke, diabetes, kidney disease and high blood pressure – a number of illnesses that can be extremely painful and problematic. It…

Brits Are Losing The Equivalent Of One Night’s Sleep Over The Course Of A Week

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According to a survey by Bensons for Beds, a staggering 70% of the 10,000 people surveyed admitted that they were not getting enough sleep each night.

Research Shows Lack Of Sleep Can Cause Illness

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In a study of 11 pairs of twins with varying sleeping patterns, researchers found that the sleep deprived sibling had a less potent immune system.

47% Of Us Wake Up Throught The Night To Use The Toilet

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Although it’s more common if you’ve drank plenty of liquids before heading to bed, it seems like it’s not uncommon for us Brits to be woken up by our natural alarm clock!

How to Save Money When Moving House

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Whilst there’s little you can do to make the moving project quicker, there are a few nifty tips that can help you to save money.