Carmony rebrands to target luxury car market

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Carmony is an innovative company, owned by the same corporation as Manheim Europe turn out some unique ideas about selling cars, and it is set to pay off for them, as Carmony begins its move into a unique position which could bring about a major change in the way we buy cars.

The people behind Carmony have identified that there is a certain type of customer which has been frozen out of online car sales, but who are these elusive customers? The company was established in 2008, and while it has remained one of the major car sales sites in the UK, it has yet to play the card which will set it apart from other car selling websites.

Like Autotrader, Carmony also contains daily news updates, encompassing new releases, worldwide events and breaking news about the world of auto trading. Like, Carmony allows buyers to search for a suitable dealer or franchise, but unlike any other site in the UK, Carmony plans to put an emphasis on the sale of premium cars on the site.

Premium cars such as the Lexus and Audi will feature on the rebranded Carmony site

Premium cars such as the Lexus and Audi will feature on the rebranded Carmony site

Brands such as Audi and Lexus, and cars worth more than £25,000, will feature on the site – and as all the cars for sale on Carmony are approved by dealers, buyers can rest assured that the car they have bought is of forecourt standard.

There is no shortage of cars on the website which will help buyers to find the right car for them, and sellers to offload their old motor – however, most of the market is for low-cost cars which are in an acceptable condition. People who buy cars online usually don’t expect to come away with a luxury product, meaning that there is a large section of the market which is not covered by any of the websites that sell cars, specific or otherwise.

If Carmony can be the first to begin putting high end clients in touch with dealers, or using the site to buy luxury cars directly, then it will put the company in a very powerful position.

That’s not to say that people who want to buy a middle of the range, or even very cheap car, can’t use Carmony. Carmony shows the minimum price for each type of car on the home page, and the price of a hatchback usually starts at around £500 – what’s great about this is that young people and students, or those who want to downsize, can get a dealer approved car at very reasonable prices.

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