Best cards in the business! Lego staff get personalised FIGURES for business cards

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Possibly the coolest business cards in the world belong to bosses at a world-famous toymaker – made out of personalised LEGO MEN.

The incredible personalised Lego figures, which contain the employee’s name and contact details, are even designed to look like their owners.

Blonde Head of Lego UK PR Emma Owen has ‘business cards’ that have long blonde hair and dark eyes.

Possibly the coolest business cards in the world belong to bosses at a world-famous toymaker

Her figure, which has her name on the front and her email and phone number on the back, is wearing a white top and has red trousers.

She said: “I don’t have any red trousers, but otherwise it’s a pretty good likeness.

“They’re so cute and amazing – it’s not surprising everybody wants them.

“My little figure is blonde just like me, but for any of the men who don’t have any hair, their figures are bald.”

Emma Owen is blonde, just like her ‘business card’

Only directors and PR managers working for the Danish company are allowed to have their own personalised business cards made from the cute little plastic men – known as minifigs.

A source at Lego said: “We have to be very protective of our minifigs, so that’s why they’re not for general sale.

“We at Lego pride ourselves on being family-friendly, and wouldn’t want our products being used to advertise bars or lingerie shops.”

The figures are fully articulated, and compatible with all other Lego pieces

An estimated seven billion Lego minifigs have been ‘born’ since they were first created in 1978, with hundreds of thousands of different designs ranging from Harry Potter to Spongebob Squarepants.

The inch-and-a-half tall figures are highly collectible, with limited-edition minifigures regularly selling for more than
£20 on online auction websites.

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  1. chirs Berry says:

    This is pretty cool idea. I just got a set of business cards made from CardsMadeEasy 🙂 They turned out really great

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