Car dealer’s shock when he delivers Mercedes to Jay Kay

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A car dealer got a shock when he dropped a vintage Mercedes at a customer’s home – and discovered the buyer was pop mega-star JAY KAY.

Car dealer's shock when he delivers Mercedes to Jay Kay

Sam Bailey, 37, was left speechless when he stopped near the mansion to give the car a quick clean and the Jamiroquai singer pulled up next to him.

Dad-of-two Sam handed over the keys to the 1988 Mercedes Benz 300 SL before cheekily asking the star for a guided tour of his huge collection of luxury motors.

Sam, who runs a classic car dealership in Stockwood, Worcs., said: ”As everyone knows, he [Jay] is a bit of a petrol-head.

”His car collection is out of this world.

”He really knows his cars and is properly passionate about them. Luckily, we had the one he was looking for.”

The car – identical to the one made famous by Bobby Ewing in the 80s TV show Dallas – cost the singer more than £50,000.

Sam said: ”We had to deliver the car to Mr Kay’s house in High Wycombe but we only had an open trailer available.

”It was pretty dirty by the time they had completed the journey down the M40.

”We wanted to make sure the car was looking good as new when we took it on to the driveway so gave it a bit of clean on the trailer just before we got there.

”But Jay Kay came driving past and caught us in the act with the rags in our hands.

”It was a bit embarrassing but it was a good ice breaker. After unloading the car we ended up spending about an hour-and-a-half there.

”He showed us a few cars but after he realised we were proper car enthusiasts too, he started opening up more garages with better and better cars in.

”By the end, we had seen the entire fleet.

”He is a totally approachable guy and was really interested in the business. He even signed some CDs for us just before we left.

”He doesn’t buy the cars to show off like they are jewellery or something, he buys them because he is a real car anorak and loves all the nitty gritty details about them.”

The millionaire owns 37 cars, including an Aston Martin DB5, Lamborghini Miura SV, Ferrari Enzo, Rolls-Royce Phantom V II and a Maserati A6 G/54.




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