Cannibal nurse GUILTY of arranging to meet teenager and chop off her head with an AXE

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A nurse with a cannibalism fetish was today found guilty of arranging to meet a teenager he groomed online after boasting he planned to chop off her head and eat her.

Dale Bolinger bought an axe with a three foot handle from Homebase on the day before he arranged to meet the 14 year-old victim and posed for a ‘selfie’ with it.

Bolinger, 58, boasted about the weapon to the girl called ‘Eva Gonza’ – whose true identity is still unknown – on a website called Dark Fetish Network.

This haunting selfie shows nurse Dale Bolinger posing with the he planned to use to butcher a child to eat

This haunting selfie shows nurse Dale Bolinger posing with the he planned to use to butcher a child to eat

His sick plan was uncovered by the FBI who found him chatting on the internet about rape, murder and cannibalism calling himself ‘meatmarketman’.

Before sending her the selfie Bolinger wrote in a chatlog: “I’ve got the cleaver and the experience. Really want to do it? I would want to have your body afterwards for food…”

He then said: “I’ll show you my cleaver and chopping block if oyu want..(sic)”

‘Eva’ replies: “I hope it was bigger”

Bolinger responded: “It’s big enough. And very sharp. How wide is your neck then?”

The following day in September 2012 he went to Ashford International rail station in Kent expecting to meet the girl but she failed to turn up.

His chatlogs also included boasts he had already eaten a 39 year-old black woman and a five year-old child.

Bolinger was caught by the FBI who monitored his online depravity

Bolinger was caught by the FBI who monitored his online depravity

Bolinger's home in Canterbury

Bolinger’s home in Canterbury

Bolinger talked about how much more tender the meat is from children and got sexual gratification from his fantasies about cannibalism.

But Bolinger told Canterbury Crown Court he had never murdered or eaten anyone and his online boasts were pure fantasy.

And when asked why he had bought the axe he told police: “There was a sale on.”

The NHS nurse claimed he did not even think he was talking to a young girl, but a man.

But the jury found him guilty of ‘attempting to meet a child following sexual grooming’ after deciding he did turn up at the train station to meet the 14 year-old.

Bolinger previously admitted having a stash of some of the sickest child pseudo-images – depicting youngsters in an oven or being barbecued. He also admitted publishing obscene material.

And he previously admitted attacking a woman two years earlier by putting a dry cleaning solution-soaked cloth over her face.

Married father Bolinger was remanded in custody by Judge Adele Williams, who said: “I need a psychiatric report so I can judge what risk you pose.”

Psychiatrists and probation officers will now decide just how dangerous he is before sentence in September.

Bolinger, of Canterbury, Kent, sat in the dock with his head bowed and did not react as jurors delivered their verdict.

He was remanded in custody ahead of sentence on September 19.

Judge Williams told the jury they will never have to serve again, saying she understood how “distasteful” the case must have been for them.

Speaking after the case Det Insp Rob Chitham, of Kent Police, said: “This was a long and complicated investigation because much of the evidence was in the USA.

“In addition, the people who use fetish chatrooms go to great lengths to hide their identity and specialist knowledge and equipment is needed to determine who they are and where they live.

“We worked closely with the FBI and other law enforcement agencies in America to identify one of the chatroom users as Mr Bolinger.

“A painstaking search for evidence both at his home and elsewhere then began so that we could bring him to justice.”

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