Cambridge University dean warded off “propositioning” naked student

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A Cambridge University dean had to ward off the advances of a naked student who ”propositioned” her in a drunken college rampage, a report revealed yesterday.

Cambridge University dean warded off

Violence, indecent exposure, vandalism and drunkenness were all reported from colleges at the world-class university in figures released under the Freedom of Information Act.

The Dean of Churchill College, Dr Priyamvada Gopal, was alerted to 91 incidents involving more than 100 students from 2005 to 2010.

On one shocking occasion in March 2007 Dr Gopal tells how she rejected the advances of an inebriated student who trashed the buttery during a naked rampage.

Her report described: ”Several very drunk students and alumni after a rugby dinner, some of whom were running naked around college, and one of whom propositioned me.”

“fouling of the room and adjacent toilets”

The shocking incident was revealed by Freedom of Information requests made by Cambridge University online student newspaper The Tab.

Another Churchill student was disciplined in 2007 after a rabbit and hamster were discovered in his room and confiscated while he was away.

The report records a secret casino operating in a students room at the college, indecent exposure in the library, and drunk students jumping out of windows.

In 2008 an ”extremely inebriated” female student was reprimanded after being caught ”fouling” a corridor on CCTV.

And in March 2008, students from the outlawed ”Bulldog” drinking society booked a ”fake sports dinner” under the name of University Lacrosse Club.

The report reads: ”The result was extreme drunken behaviour, damage and fouling of the room and adjacent toilets.”

In Autumn 2009, Trinity Hall students were caught in Churchill throwing a bicycle into the college pond, but ”were too drunk to be able to retrieve it”.

One student was taken to Addenbrooke’s Hospital bleeding heavily after he was assaulted by another student at the Churchill 2010 Spring Ball.

The report said: ”Serious incident at the Spring Ball involving one student assaulting another with a beer bottle and then fists.”

The culprit had his bar privileges rescinded, was put on a curfew, fined £250 and ordered to pay the victim £150 damages and undergo ”mandatory counselling”.

The same offender was also discovered walking on the roof of Churchill College in 2010 after being apprehended by police dogs.

“flooded the library”

And at Easter, he was summoned by the Dean after celebrating the lifting of his curfew by getting drunk with friends and breaking down a door, ”injuring himself in the process”.

Dr Gopal recommended: ”he either be rusticated for a year or sent down permanently”.

Dons meted out other punishments including fines, curfews, withdrawal of alcohol purchase privileges, community service and formal apologies.

At Sidney Sussex College there were 112 disciplinary cases and Clare College recorded 43 incidents.

One Sidney Sussex student ”vomited in room hand basin, left it running, which blocked and flooded the library below”, although porters saved books from damage.

An incident in March this year involved graduates at a whisky tasting evening refused a Porter’s instruction to clear the room at closing time.

The report said: ”The organiser was found (drunk) urinating outside the Porter’s Lodge.”

Alan Cruickshank, Churchill JCR president, blamed Churchill students’ bad behaviour on a weekly music event open to all Cambridge students, known as ”Pav”.

He said: ”I think we might be slightly more likely to be badly behaved in college simply because of the great facilities and ents on offer.

”The consistent weekly turnout at Pav I think is probably proof.

”There are, of course, issues which come with Pav which are exactly what you might expect with an event of that size and sort.

”Students from other colleges sometimes cause trouble at Pav, but certainly in one case this was a group of guys from a central college slagging off Pav in a room of around a hundred drunk Churchillians, which by all accounts is a pretty stupid idea.”


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