Businessman who posed with TV star Konnie Huq is jailed for running ‘Asian Babes’ brothel

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An award-winning property developer who posed arm-in-arm with TV presenter Konnie Huq was jailed today for running an ‘Asian babes’ brothel.

Parminder Janagle, 43, ran the seedy sex den in a wealthy area of Birmingham after the breakdown of his marriage to his marketing executive wife and his property business folded.

The entrepreneur – who was previously pictured at a glitzy awards bash with TV beauty Konnie – was caught after police raided a house in the Edgbaston area of the city to find scantily-clad Asian girls working there.

Parminder Janagle arm-in-arm with former Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq at a property awards event. Janagle has now been jailed for running a brothel

Parminder Janagle arm-in-arm with former Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq at a property awards event. Janagle has now been jailed for running a brothel

A court heard Janagle, who used to earn £70,000-a-year, received a police caution for running the brothel in January last year but was caught doing the same thing after another raid on March 4.

Despite Janagle not being prosecuted, the address was raided again on May 25 where police discovered him in a lounge – as well as several women having sex with men in other rooms.

Smartly-dressed Janagle, from Sutton Coldfield, West Mids., was jailed for six months at Birmingham Magistrates Court after he admitted running a brothel.

The property near the centre of Birmingham, where a brothel was being run from flat 3

The property near the centre of Birmingham, where a brothel was being run from flat 3

District Judge Neil Davison told him: “You were managing a brothel in January last year and you were cautioned.

Janagle arrives at Birmingham Magistrates Court

Janagle arrives at Birmingham Magistrates Court

“There’s no doubt you knew exactly what you were doing but you carried on.

“So a warrant was executed in March and that warrant revealed you were behaving exactly as previously.

“When another warrant was issued two months later, you were doing exactly the same thing as before.

“Nobody forced you to do that, you did it because you chose to.

“You were receiving a financial gain from this because of the services provided by the girls in your brothel.”

Helen Shipley, prosecuting, told the court Janagle had been previously arrested for the same crime but escaped with a caution in January 2012.

Speaking about the third time police raided Janagle in May last year, Ms Shipley said: “As the police approached the flat they recognised a lady they had encountered on the previous occasion.

“And when they got into the flat again they found a naked male and a naked female engaging in sexual acts.

“They also found another man and a woman engaging in sexual activity in another room.

“And discovered in the lounge was the defendant. The defendant was arrested and gave no comment in interview this time.”

Janagle had been credited with turning round his property business after being introduced to self-made millionaire Gill Fielding in 2009 – who had recently appeared on Channel 4’s Secret Millionaire programme.

The turnaround of his business hit national headlines and he became a Landlord of the Year Finalist.

It was at that awards ceremony that he was pictured with former Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq at Birmingham’s NEC.

Christopher Stapleton, defending, said: “He accepts he has made a substantial error of judgement.”
When police raided Parminder Janagle’s brothel in March last year they found a young Asian woman working in the premises.

Prosecutor Helen Shipley told the court: “Police got to the flat in Edgbaston and executed a warrant under the Sexual Offences Act.

“The door was not opened so the police forced entry.

“They found a young Asian female standing in the hallway.

“They then searched the premises and in one of the bedrooms they found a man sat on the bed in the process of getting dressed.

“Also in the room was a female, she was also in a state of undress.

“It was established this man had gone to the flat for a massage and sexual services.

“He admitted that to the police and payment was involved.

“Further searches of the premises found more women in the lounge.

“Also seized was a cash box, documentation in respect of the defendant, and books containing details of clients and prices.

“The defendant was arrested and he gave a prepared statement in interview.

“Initially he said that his set up in the flat was not him keeping or managing a brothel and said he had a very healthy bachelor lifestyle and said that flat was where he took his friends back to entertain.”

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  1. Steven P Mitchell says:

    The United Kingdom really doesn’t have a judicial system do they? I live in the U.S. and ours is entirely based on your ability to afford legal counsel. It appears that the United Kingdom has an equal application of that judicial standard (or lack thereof).

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