British entrepreneur launches world’s most expensive car wax… costing £65,000

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The gold and crystal encrusted £65,000 car wax

The gold and crystal encrusted £65,000 car wax

A British entrepreneur is cleaning up after launching the world’s most expensive car wax – at a staggering £65,000.

John Johnstone, 28, combined his love for motors and cleanliness to launch a bespoke car wax business providing luxury products to the mega rich.

His plush concoctions range from a ‘humble’ £178 tub to a fragranced polish delivered in 250ml gold and diamond-encrusted dispenser which costs £65,000.

He only started eight months ago but already his polishes are proving to be the shine of choice for Russian oligarchs in London and oil millionaires in Saudi Arabia.

Turnover has doubled over the last month but he still runs the business himself, creating unique waxes for supercars like Ferraris, Porsches, Lamborghinis and Bugattis.

John, from Bearsden, near Glasgow, said: “I’ve always been interested in cars, ever since I was a boy, and I’ve always been slightly OCD.

“One of my relatives, who is a psychologist, noticed that I always made sure my toy cars were all neatly lined up before I went to bed every night.

“It’s not extreme, but I do like things to be in order.”

His first client was the prestigious Porsche Beverley Hills dealership, who bought a $400 tub after he contacted them via social media.  They are now one of his best clients.

His bespoke shampoos for interiors take up to three weeks to create and prices start at £250 for an engraved crystal decanter.

But a pot of Gold Rush Rally – crafted to a unique fragrance chosen by the customer and displayed in a 250ml 24-carat gold and crystal dispenser – will set you back £65,000, with only five made a year.

John, a mechanical engineering graduate, said:  “We don’t know the identity of the clients themselves because we tend to sell to their representatives.

John Johnson whose company sells a £65,000 car wax

John Johnson whose company sells a £65,000 car wax

A sample of £65,000 wax sold to rich drivers

A sample of £65,000 wax sold to rich drivers

“But it’s not only the super rich – we recently had a local customer who wanted a wax for his Toyota Yaris.

“What we tend to find is the client we attract is someone who tends to purchase things that are individual to them.

“When it comes to car care they want to make sure that what they’re using is as luxurious and unique as the watch they’re wearing or the suit they’ve just had tailored.”

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